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Tuesday 1 June 2010

No such thing as a necessary elective abortion- top canonicist

“Referendarius” (formal expert advisor) to the Apostolic Signatura, which Thomas Peters of American Papist calls the highest court in the catholic Church, Edward N. Peters JD JCD, states that the canonical plea of necessity, can only be mitigating at best when the oppressor has committed a delict which by its nature is intrinsically evil, such as the delict of abortion.

He thus agrees with Bishop Olmsted, that Sr. Margaret, who chose to cause an elective abortion of pregnancy at a Catholic hospital, is indeed excommunicated, whether latae sententiae (by the act of the abortion/automatically), or ferendae sententiae: by the declaration of the excommunication, by Bishop Olmsted.

in reference to: In the Light of the Law: "Necessity" does not canonically excuse intrinsically evils acts like abortion (view on Google Sidewiki)

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