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Friday 14 February 2014

British/Canadian International incident: the complexities of the Canadian tranny PRISONER'S DILEMMA.


A British gentleman by the name of Mr Avery Edison, was caught entering Canada illegally at Pearson International Airport. He had had an expired student visa listing him as male, which had previously allowed him to be within Canadian borders. His girlfriend of two years, was awaiting his visit, according to the Toronto Star. Avery is set for deportation, and will not be allowed to see his girlfriend, according to authorities and his lawyer. LifeSiteNews, however has a very extensive rendering of the events up to this point.

Avery Edison tweeted his girlfriend and common law partner, Canadian, Miss Romy Sugden, however that there was some confusion about his gender. He had taken to wearing a dress since his last visit to Canada, and his British passport had been ammended to list him as female, although he still had male parts and a girlfriend. Maplehurst Correctional Complex, is where he was being sent, a men's correctional facility.

Avery Edison, was then to be examined by a nurse to determine his gender.

As Avery Edison still had a penis, they determined he was male, his girlfriend Romy Sugden stated to media. In accordance with Ontario law and the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy document, Avery Edison would be referred to as a male until such time as he has cosmetic surgery altering his private parts to a female appearance. The prison officials for some reason changed their path in this case, not going by birth gender as the policy is, but transferring Avery Edison to Vanier Centre for Women, while he was to await his immigration hearing. He was to be kept separate from the general prison population.

The transfer itself, from a male correctional facility, and the keeping of the prisoner separate both could be in the interests of preventing the public relations nightmare of Avery being harmed by other prisoners. Another aspect is that another man identifying as female, was placed in a women's correctional facility and in December was transferred after he engaged in sex with female prisoners, this other gender bar bending event occurring in Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Ontario's Human Rights Commission's chief official recently wrote to a local newspaper. The chief official was much aggrieved by a something a woman had written within the newspaper fold, in which the woman complained that a naked erect man was sexually harassing women in a woman's restroom at a public space, which restroom he remained in under the guise that he self identified as female. The human rights chief, was infuriated with the woman for objecting to the man's presence, and made known that the woman must be deeply prejudiced to write about the sexual harassment. The human rights chief took the side of the man in a hotly worded letter to the press. The woman who did not like being sexually harassed by a naked, erect man, was much maligned by the human rights chief, who gladly took the side of the man in the event.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Police Official: Fairland and Northcliff: safest parts of Gauteng Province.

Police, speaking via a high ranking official, a Brigadier, from Johannesburg, confirmed to a community policing forum today, held for residents of Fairlands, Johannesburg, that the Fairlands policing district, and Northcliff, remain the safest areas of Gauteng Province. Police and counsellors answered extensive questions from community members on a variety of safety and security matters. Police, via a high ranking official confirmed that hundreds of police officers yearly are caught by the applicable branch for corruption, and stated that the South African Police Service currently have about 200 000 members. Police also confirmed that there is no gang activity in Fairlands whatsoever. A SACNS journalist was present during the meeting between police and the community.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Western Journalist writes appreciation for 'wonderful', 'marvellous' 'SOTH African' alcohol advert...

ABOVE: a retro Bells Advert: not the one being raved about by the American journalist, which is included as a video below the story and screenshot.

Patrick Archbold is an established blogger and a journalist for the National Catholic Register, an American publication. His blog Creative Minority Report for years defined the word 'pithy' for readers... in case he thought to use it. He is known for his moral arguments, his political beliefs and his humour. Unfortunately... Yesterday some of his humour was a tad accidental, as he misspelt 'South Africa' in showing appreciation for an advertisement for Bells Scottish Whisky. The blog he got to know of the advertisement from noted it created meaning in a manner 'respecting' the soon to be alcoholic audience... unlike American Superbowl commercial advertisements...

One assumes this bids well for South African advertising agents... none the less, our country still seems a tad hard to spell after watching such an advert.

Notice the blog title like that on Twitter... spells the Republic of South Africa as 'Soth Africa'.

True to form and established humour, Patrick took our criticism with a shot of good humour, and informed us the article had been corrected. Fortunately, he only jokingly 'condemned' us to 'purgatory' for pointing out he misspelt the name of our beloved country after his appreciating an advert for Bells Scottish Whiskey.

Someone should give the man a bells;)!~ I assume that sentence makes all the difference... to the good advert starved American football audience.

To See the now corrected post by good humoured Mr Patrick Archbold (who really is quite a fun lad to read)...

P.s. The South African government is looking to ban advertisements such as the ones shown above, they believe such portrayals of alcohol promote alcoholism and must, like the now banned cigarette advertisements: disappear like the memories of a life drinking whiskey.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Putin seeks endangered Persian Leopard...

Russian President Vladimir Putin, may be known for his photo shoots with every sort of manly scenario, but when a Persian Leopard needed a cuddle, he was more than accommodating. The Russian President visited Sochi National Park amid the Olympics, auspiciously to promote awareness of the endangered Persian Leopard population.

The Russian Presidency were sure to post a picture on Twitter, as were Russia Today (who's photograph our own editor, Marc Aupiais linked to on his Twitter [seen above]).

Article Written By Marc Aupiais for SACNS, and Adapted for Aupiais Wire by Marc Aupiais for SACNS.

French Media accuse man of animal abuse against a 'car'; 17 mag calls Selena Gomez a whore...

A caged animal must run? A caged car is a car that doesn't go fast enough? French radio station Radio France International say in their Twitter card preview that a man locked a motorvehicle into a cage and threw chemicals at it and thus has been convicted of animal abuse. They meant he did so to a poor little cat, but unfortunately that isn't what a reasonable read of what they wrote relays.

Selena Gomez is having a bad week, with all the accusations being made by Radar online alleged anonymous sources. To make things worse 17 Magazine gave Selena the cover, and in their Twitter preview called her a whore... and Selena Gomez linked to the article.

UK Telegraph caught red handed using false images in attempt to discredit Sochi olympics in Russia...

Above: Actual image by a Canadian journalist: our investigation showed this to be an original photo, unlike the hoaxes put forward by the UK Daily Telegraph and other media below.

Certainly some stories of Sochi may be true, but many are hoaxes or cruel sattire seemingly purposely put forward as though fact by biased Western journalists

Maybe accusations of painting grass green, and menu mistranslations are true, and maybe the Western bias is working at full speed ahead...

Here are some questionable items by journalists shown as though fact by the UK Telegraph, who wrote an article on journalists criticising Sochi:

These falsehoods we debunk appeared reported as though factual and authentic in a British newspaper: 'Shambles behind the scenes at Sochi' By Roland Oliphant, 'in Sochi' and Josie Ensor for the UK Telegraph at 10:43AM GMT 05 Feb 2014

Read more at SACNS

Saturday 1 February 2014

'Pro-Lifer' Steven Ertelt, an online spammer, unethical, and an internet troll!

Article continues below audio summary:

"Babies are dying and you're upset over a few tweets." - a more polite part from Steven Ertelt's wordy response to this article, our exclusive expose, which you can read below.

One account which continuously follows and unfollows my Twitter, and insistently tweets defamation about his competitors in 'pro-lifing' is Steven Ertelt.

Notice any commonalities (p.s. the tweet below to SACNS is quite upsetting and tweeted to many, the one later and above, shows he doesn't even know who he is haranguing when he does this)

His favourite enemy is reliable news service LifeSiteNews. Tweet an article from them, and he is sure to sweep upon you like a seagull upon the pope's peace doves.

His most recent trolling: the death of a pregnant woman:

After we made note of Steven trolling, he deleted the I don't know who you are Tweet to our editor.

To answer the question likely burning, yes, I know Steve considers his website to be just that, and not a blog: but trolling is quite a blogger behaviour, not something I expect from a news editor. After I noted who I am, he none the less chose not to continue his trolling this time, and decided not to dispute the nature of his activities or his website. Instead, he determined to troll someone else...

Despite us blocking his account, Steve replied when he saw our article:

To our knowledge we only wrote this article, I love his use of the word blog which we used above also, read on, to find out about 'blog posts', seemingly in plural, and more yet more, of Steve's response.

Steve then mentions a state employee taking a position on the nationally noted case, as his reason for tweeting many people about his objection to LifeSiteNews. The Attorney General, he argues is vindicated because a state employee made a stance, and thus so is his mass tweeting of anyone who tweets an article by his competitor LSN.

Definitely the case?:

Despite Steve quite a number of times now Tweeting me when I share their articles, and LifeSiteNews Canadian editor lamenting to me that Steve consistently did so:

This Article by Marc Aupiais for the SACNS News Service, originally appeared on 27 January 2013 on the SACNS, and is republished with permission.

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