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Sunday 12 December 2010

Who is man's best friend?

Note by Marc Aupiais

Below is another article used with permission from a Greek Orthodox friend of mine and fellow law student Mari Kalabakas, much wisdom to be read here:

"who is man's best friend?

by Marianna Irene Kalabakas — Leave a comment

⁠December 12, 2010

We all spend our lives looking for someone to understand us. A lover, a friend, a helping hand- someone. We watch the movies, we read the books…so we look for a relationship that will mimic it.

We spend our lives trying to be understood, by someone. Aristotle once said "a friend is a single soul dwelling in 2 bodies." I have to disagree. There are something's you cannot tell your friend. Some friends steal your partners. Some friends use you when they need you. How about all the times you tell them something in confidence and the whole world finds out about it a few hours later. Therefore, you cannot share everything with your friends, it would just be- impossible!

I might disagree with sharing a soul with your friend, but I do believe friends come into our lives at different times and in different forms. We have our pets, that rely on us, that are there for us, when the world turns its back on us. We have our parents or guardians that are also there for us no matter what we do. We might find someone accidentally, someone we have never met before, someone who has so much in common with us, we instantly feel a connection to. We feel as if we've known them for years. Although you've never met, you can tell them your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Then we have the people we have known for years. The people we grew up with, we know they not the most trustworthy, yet we appreciate them and socialize with them in a way that makes you almost friends.

Then we have the friends that have been there for you through everything. The friends you have been there for too. Those are your true friends. The ones you will never forget and will never forget you. The ones that will always be just a phone call away. That person who loves and respects you for who you are.

We might be looking for that fairy tale friendship and miss out on the ones that are most important. We might lose friends, but we had them at times when we or they needed help the most. That will keep the friendship bond alive, no matter what happens in the future."

(A South African Greek Orthodox blog)

Doubts as to reason for Greek Orthodox Prelate's removal- Politics seem to be EVERYWHERE! « Marianna Irene Kalabakas's Blog

Note by Marc Aupiais

A good friend of mine, and fellow law student has a fascinating op-ed on doubts as to why the Johannesburg Greek Orthodox archbishop was shipped off to Africa.

She has permitted myself to republish her work for the SACNS which I believe benefits.

The Greek Orthodox church while being Apostolic- and having valid bishops and priests is not currently in communion with Rome due to differences on some important theological matters. It is greatly respected by Rome among the churches not in communion.

Below is the fascinating analysis of someone who has had much contact with a bishop of the Greek Orthodox church, who wonders if he was ousted for political reasons:

"Politics seem to be EVERYWHERE!

by Marianna Irene Kalabakas

⁠December 12, 2010

I might not be the most reliable source to comment on this, but, the following is my opinions on the removal of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Seraphim in South Africa.

I knew Archbishop Seraphim, from my school years. He was always at school plays, christmas parties and whenever in church, would ask my parents how I am! Fantastic man he really is!

I will personally admit, as church gatherings at "panigiria," he would annoy me because I would want to have holy communion because I would fast from the night before and would be hungry by 1 o'clock, when communion would be given! The reason for my annoyance was because the service would stop for about 3 hours in which certificates of thanks would be given to numerous people, both dead and alive. But you ended up living with these long processes.

I'm not sure what happened and they removed him from our post. But after the community started being run by a new committee they removed him and a few other priests and sent them to various African countries and one was sent to Cyprus.

Today was the day the new Archbishop Damaskinos was enthroned as the new Archbishop of Johannesburg and Pretoria. To be honest, the church was empty considering, all the Orthodox churches throughout Gauteng where closed. Seraphim, is Cypriot and the Cypriots form a large part of the community down here. The majority of the Cypriots where not even present at this gathering. Personally speaking, I assume they where boycotting this new enthronement.

During the enthronement, the Patriarchi of Africa, did not refer to Seraphim at all, just once. The only person he spoke of was the late Archbishop Peter who passed away many years ago. This conduct, made me wonder whether he had anything to do with Seraphim's removal?

That is a question that I doubt will be answered."

(Greek Orthodox South African blog by a friend of the Editor)

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