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Saturday 18 June 2011

My greatest weakness

Note by Marc Evan Aupiais

What's my greatest weakness? Accountability!

I need to be honest, ethical, accountable in all I do: or I feel terrible, get sick, and cannot function.

I don't lie! I'm me! Always! Even if it hurts me!

I don't feel embarrassment! Not easily!

What some would hide I put up into print!

If I were mocked or bullied or hurt for telling truth! And there happened to be a camera recording it! And someone in charge of the mocking in authority! I might just save such video to hold them accountable.

Of course I am also discerning! There are actions I should do, to prevent harm to others that I will not do.

And I would not stop someone betraying or letting me down.

I have a need for accountability and to always be real and moral! And ethical!

What I get I must get the right way or I'll probably destroy or throw it out.

Mother told me a story as a child: of how the Allies when they came across the advanced Nazi medical knowledge, destroyed it: it was gained by murder!

It's guided me through life! Ethics! Not just looking good, being good! And gaining what you gain morally and honestly! Without destroying your own human dignity by sin, greed, unethical, immoral acts.

I was always taught "be international", there's always a "bigger pond", be accountable to the Universe and God.

It is this that stops me hating and enables me forgiveness! Though I struggle!

And accountability! This guides me! My name is who I am! I am Marc Evan Aupiais! I do all in my name!

Yes! It is a sin to reveal sins without just cause! But sometimes its a sin not to! Anything I do! I own up to! I face the music, and the muse!

My honesty is my greatest weakness! But its who I am! And I won't deny it! It is my choice! And thus my greatest strength!

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