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Saturday 29 May 2010

New York Times hates on church, no way?

So here is an open letter by Thomas Peters to some guy with a Russian sounding name, about some nun at a Catholic hospital who decided to take it upon herself to cause an elective abortion.

So Thomas Peters isn't too pleased with the New York Times portrayal (let's be honest: no one under 30 should actually admit to reading the New York Times anyway unless they do journalistic stuff like me).

So the small guy is taking on the guy with two prizes from some or other committee, just 'cause!

Fart be it from me not to link to it.

And to the excommunicate nun, get a life, stop taking lives, wait, don't get a life, we don't want you anywhere near sick people! Now scat from the church, be gone! Hamba- to use a South Africanism!

in reference to: An Open Letter to Nicholas Kristof « (view on Google Sidewiki)

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