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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Drug war- why the idiot governments fail

Note by Marc Aupiais

Politicians being the druggie associates they are, in many countries want to stop the drug war.
They say it fails.

I'll tell you why. When those buying have virtual impunity, supply continues.

If you want to stop drugs, have drug testing like alcohol testing and have long sentences- for users!

Not just small fines and done. No wonder you lose. No. Send drug users to jail, confiscate their cars and houses.
One may say- what it they don't seek help then.

Well perhaps create an amnesty for those who do and complete thirty days cold turkey or the like.

Fact is- the reason drug wars fail and lives are lost and the economies damaged- is that drug use only has the penalties of using.

6 months in a rehabilitation centre mandatory or the like, even when clean. And perhaps some hard labour would have a different effect if enforced and publicised!

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