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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Philippines to forcibly evacuate 40 000 from villages in Muslim South

Up to 40 000 (Forty Thousand) people are expected to be forcibly evacuated from villages in the largely Islamic Southern Philippines as ten villages in the Sultan Kudarat town, on Mindanao island were severely affected after a river overflowed, in rains which had stretched from Friday at least until Tuesday this week.

The Philippines, a mainly Catholic nation, is divided between the Catholic North and Muslim South, a possible reason for the use of the army to evacuate southern villagers, who do not want to leave, despite being "waist-deep" in water.

The Philippine government's present administration has lost favour in the eyes of the powerful Catholic church on a number of issues lately, and for years, has been facing Islamist Separatists in the South.

The country, which has seen many governments rise and fall, remains largely religiously divided as regards dwelling places.

The army has already sent trucks out to aid in the forced evacuation, according to the area's social welfare department head, Pombean Kadir, says SAPA.

in reference to: Philippine flood threatens 40 000: News24: World: News (view on Google Sidewiki)

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