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Friday 24 June 2011

South Africa to bail out failed dictatorship to tune of 10 billion without democratic reforms, amid crackdowns on decent?

Article by Marc Aupiais
One need not repeat the headline, what the SACBC Cardinal Wilfred Napier has asked is that South Africa demand Swaziland reforms before granting the bail out to the mismanaged land!

24 June 2011
For Immediate release.
Statement by Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, Spokesman of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC).
 The Catholic Bishops of Southern Africa wish to register their concern at the financial bailout by the South African Treasury of the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland.
It is understood that an amount of R10 Billion is needed to keep the Swazi Government afloat and the administration from collapsing.

 Swaziland is currently in the throes of an unprecedented financial and societal crisis.  It has
• the highest HIV & AIDS infection rate in the world (26%);• the lowest life expectancy in the world (32 years);• an unemployment rate of 40% and rising;• and extreme poverty with 70% of its population living below the poverty line of less than US$6  a day.• A State of emergency that has curtailed freedom of expression, association and dissent for the last 37 years.
We believe that the Swaziland Government must abandon or at least reform the "Tinkhundla" system of governance of royal favour and alliance which is a breeding place for corruption and greed.  Monies intended for alleviating the people's suffering are diverted to support the lavish lifestyle of the monarchy.
The People of Swaziland love their King and Country, but the conditions that have created this crisis must not be disregarded by South Africa in considering a bailout.

We therefore call on the South African Government to make the loan CONDITIONAL on the following:
∙         the recognition and implementation the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Swaziland;∙         the revocation by King Mswati III of the royal decree of 12 April 1973 which established a state of emergency;∙         that King Mswati III enter into meaningful dialogue with his people in order to facilitate movement  towards true democracy his country;∙         the establishment of a democratic process for writing a new constitution in which all Swazi's have a part;∙         that the current Swazi Constitution be amended to reinstate the full range of human rights;∙         And that none of the bailout money go directly or indirectly to fund the Monarchy.
In the same way that the South African Government has laudable process examining the sale of Arms to other countries, the same type of process should be employed when it comes to financial support for ailing regional economies.

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier
Archbishop of Durban
Spokesman for the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference
(The SACBC is constituted by the Catholic Bishops of Botswana, Swaziland and South Africa)
That quoted, South Africa sold arms to Libya, North Korea, just saying etc. I don't think it will be conditional!

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Government spokesman accuses the media of being-Cartel like

M E Aupiais

Government spokesman or perhaps ruling party or personal of himself spokesman is the question to be asked of Mnyani. Either way, South African media have huffed and puffed about the comments, worried as government tries to close the noose on media Freedom, already precariously on a cliff face in the Republic.

As for Mnyani, he says the media is like a cartel and refuses to answer on Norwegian corruption allegations.

"I ask myself ... Why is the media so hostile to the government" Myani is quoted by Independent Newspapers' political Bureau as telling Talk Radio 702 host John Robbie.

"They all speak the same, they all think the same" he is reported to have said of the three main media houses, saying media needed to be "diversified", a phrase similar to that of "transformed", by which loyal and incidentally black judges have replaced independent white ones in South Africa's post-apartheid judiciary (South Africa rejects the jury system).

Media in the Republic have claimed new regulations allowing government to prevent publication of articles, stories is tantamount to silencing the press. Media have and have always had no special rights or protections in South Africa, and journalists do get sent to jail for protecting sources, if caught, as with lawyers who have no attorney client privilege.

Manyi said that there were 'shocking' cartel-like tendencies at work in the call by SA National Editor's Forum chairperson Mondi Makhanya asking media to work together in light of the latest regulations suggested. Trade Union and Tripartyd Alliance member Cosatu has slammed the regulations as undemocratically penalising whistle blowers. Their close alliance with the ANC has lead to delays in the regulations' release.

Recently the Regulation of the Interception of Communications Amendment Act mandated that all mobile phone conversations' contents be recorded for the state by mobile (or in South African English: Cellular) Operators. This in addition to smses (texts) which companies already kept for five years after customers made them. Also to be kept for the government: all emails made through or in the Republic.

Added to this, and increased funding for the police now under a Zuma loyalist, and the army, the press claim that media freedom itself is at stake.

In South Africa where the ANC has had a massive majority in parliament since 1996, and the Nationalist party had the same setup before, media has often been the only real opposition voice.

Media in South Africa has been accused of a liberal or white bias, despite most journalists being black. This is not unexpected, and the opposing English (liberal, at times: anti-Apartheid) and Afrikaans (conservative, at times: pro-apartheid) views of the past are both at odds with the more Africanist ANC.

BEE, and transformation laws: mandating massive sale of shares to blacks, and hiring of blacks, and support of charities aiding blacks, not whites: something which has lead ANC allies to have massive unfair business success, have yet to cause media to become an ANC ally.

An attempt at an ANC newspaper failed recently. The SABC, the state run broadcaster has been accused since the days of Thabo Mbeki's presidency of giving cabinet ministers unfair time on television, and radio, and of being a propaganda service. SABC heads who don't toe the party line whether related or not, tend to be called to ANC headquarters.

The majority of South Africans get their views via Government radio, and not the barely penetrating three major independent press houses: Naspers, Independent Media, and SAPA!

Saturday 18 June 2011

My greatest weakness

Note by Marc Evan Aupiais

What's my greatest weakness? Accountability!

I need to be honest, ethical, accountable in all I do: or I feel terrible, get sick, and cannot function.

I don't lie! I'm me! Always! Even if it hurts me!

I don't feel embarrassment! Not easily!

What some would hide I put up into print!

If I were mocked or bullied or hurt for telling truth! And there happened to be a camera recording it! And someone in charge of the mocking in authority! I might just save such video to hold them accountable.

Of course I am also discerning! There are actions I should do, to prevent harm to others that I will not do.

And I would not stop someone betraying or letting me down.

I have a need for accountability and to always be real and moral! And ethical!

What I get I must get the right way or I'll probably destroy or throw it out.

Mother told me a story as a child: of how the Allies when they came across the advanced Nazi medical knowledge, destroyed it: it was gained by murder!

It's guided me through life! Ethics! Not just looking good, being good! And gaining what you gain morally and honestly! Without destroying your own human dignity by sin, greed, unethical, immoral acts.

I was always taught "be international", there's always a "bigger pond", be accountable to the Universe and God.

It is this that stops me hating and enables me forgiveness! Though I struggle!

And accountability! This guides me! My name is who I am! I am Marc Evan Aupiais! I do all in my name!

Yes! It is a sin to reveal sins without just cause! But sometimes its a sin not to! Anything I do! I own up to! I face the music, and the muse!

My honesty is my greatest weakness! But its who I am! And I won't deny it! It is my choice! And thus my greatest strength!

Thursday 16 June 2011

The evil youth

Note by M E Aupiais

Its assumed often that youth are depraved! That teenagers etc naturally are!

This wasn't always the case and in many societies isn't!

Teenagers may be depraved if their parents let their desires, every want, or tv or the shocking "teen" books out these days guide them.

But a fruit is of the tree!

A parent who raises an individual gets one. A parent who teaches things, money isn't everything but has importance next to other true gifts, which matter more: friendship, honesty, integrity, conscience, religion, virtues; godliness, God- gets such a child!

A parent who raises a thinking discerning child gains a thinking discerning child.

I am 20 turning 21! I still won't watch 18 movies or 16 for sex!

I also don't drink or smoke!

I credit much of this to my upbringing!

Born and bred!

I was taught to think! Before any other lesson was learnt!

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Drug war- why the idiot governments fail

Note by Marc Aupiais

Politicians being the druggie associates they are, in many countries want to stop the drug war.
They say it fails.

I'll tell you why. When those buying have virtual impunity, supply continues.

If you want to stop drugs, have drug testing like alcohol testing and have long sentences- for users!

Not just small fines and done. No wonder you lose. No. Send drug users to jail, confiscate their cars and houses.
One may say- what it they don't seek help then.

Well perhaps create an amnesty for those who do and complete thirty days cold turkey or the like.

Fact is- the reason drug wars fail and lives are lost and the economies damaged- is that drug use only has the penalties of using.

6 months in a rehabilitation centre mandatory or the like, even when clean. And perhaps some hard labour would have a different effect if enforced and publicised!

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Sexualization of minors slated by Great Britain

Note by Marc Aupiais

The Tory Coalition government in Great Britain has slated as detrimental the sexualization of children. Rightly identifying a main source, it has attacked music videos.

Another source seemingly left unidentified- lies in the immoral lives of celebrities children are encouraged to emulate. Especially American actors, actresses, and singers.

Particularly those of the ex-Disney brand- a situation caused by American refusal to ban child labour, despite evidence of lost childhoods, drug addiction, and other problems.

Russian Federation bans European Vegetables imports

Note by Marc Aupiais

The Republic's BRICS ally, the Russian Federation, has banned imports of European vegetables over E.Coli. Blaming Cucumber, the Sprouts, EU authorities have yet to find the deadly source of outbreak. Russia has determined to risk good relations with Europe, seemingly in order to insure Russian lives are not lost in diplomacy.

The Republic exports fruits and vegetables to Europe, and any imports from Europe in South Africa on fruits and vegetables are minimal. Our Russian ally, however, imports vegetables from Europe.

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