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Sunday 6 June 2010

Why can't we age restrict the web?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Recently, after watching a television I wanted a definition of a word/phrase I had noted, and thinking it safer, used wikipedia to attempt to find the meaning. When the page loaded, it had a number of images I would rather not view, the sort of images one rather never sees. What you have seen you have seen. Twitter likewise, with some followers- you see things you don't want to see. Now, I have read that in I think it is Saudi Arabia, they block these sorts of images, via software server side, so that the public are not exposed to such obscenity. Personally I see the internet as the public's domain: and I think that such images should be censored, or blurred at certain parts, before we are exposed to them. If people want to get images, they can do so elsewhere: i.e. I don't see how this would limit freedom of speech. Do you agree: I think South Africa SHOULD censor the internet!

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In a Flash I have gone back to flash

While HTML 5 certainly does seem it will take over flash in the future, until YouTube better perfects their player: especially buffering- given that it simply goes like a record which is stuck- I am going back to normal YouTube!

in reference to: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. (view on Google Sidewiki)

HTML 5 for YouTube

Flash is one of those products I have never liked- I never wanted to learn to program in Flash, and I never plan to. After one to many Flash Crash and Burns while trying to watch YouTube with inferior Flash, I decided to opt into their HTML 5 player- I must say- I am only impressed so far. Viva HTML 5- for now! Now scat Adobe Flash, be gone in a Flash- or else fix the errors which keep making Flash fail in my Google Chrome web browser- because it isn't nice to wait so long and have videos just stall etc!

in reference to: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. (view on Google Sidewiki)

Pope slams all military solutions to Mid-east conflicts

The church has always had a view, closer to the Islamic world, than to the Israeli view, on the Gaza situation, believing that Israel should not occupy Gaza and the West Bank, and that it should give these more freedom: possibly due to the Christian population there. Once again, the Pope has called for a peaceful and only peaceful solution to the Middle East conflicts.

When Israel recently raided a flotilla of Free Gaza ships carrying humanitarian aid, as well as what an official for the group told Australian Broadcasting Corporation was banned aid: such as paper and concrete, it caused international condemnation of the violence. A ship sent after the raid, also planned to ignore Israeli warnings of a blockade, planning to enter Gaza in daylight.

Israeli video showed soldiers being beaten by activists, who they claimed carried weapons on one ship, some relatives told Turkish media, that certain passengers had wanted to be martyred. Only one of the ships resisted the Israeli siege violently, and all 9 casualties were on this ship.

Israel justifies its occupation of Gaza, seized during the Six Day War, by rocket attacks fired into it by Hamas. Moves such as a National Jewish heritage Day, in which Barack Obvama celebrated campaign financiers, and Jews without a link to Israel, as well as other moves by the Obama administration (according to the Jerusalem Post), have caused the Israeli people to increasingly feel that they are alone in the world, as Palestinians have the backing of Russia and China, and others. This, along with increasingly anti-Palestinian sentiment in Israel, may be partially the cause of their increasingly more violent responses to what they see as enemies of their state.

in reference to: AFP: Pope urges end to bloodshed in Mideast (view on Google Sidewiki)

The censorship that goes: Facebook unbanned in Bangladesh after Facebook alleged acquiesce

Facebook may not acquiesce to other issues, but when it comes to Islam's claimed Prophet Mohammed, and its claim over one million Facebook users in Bangladesh: 1/6th of the Bangladeshi internet users: Facebook is alleged to have acquiesced to remove pages in accordance with Bangladeshi censorship of portrayal of the Islamic religion's claimed prophet and of the political leaders of what France 24 calls: the 90% Islamic country. Pakistan also recently lifted a ban on Facebook after a court order.

As the fight between a self censoring and state censored internet continues globally, countries such as China and a number of Islamic governments and more centrist states have chosen more censorship. Even South Africa allegedly has an internet firewall, I was informed when was unavailable, in South Africa, but available elsewhere until I mentioned this on social networking site Twitter.

It is increasingly possible to censor the internet, and even email as technology improves.

In South Africa, law requires that all mobile phone conversations be recorded, and all emails also be kept in archives which submit to the state. Citizens talk, knowing that every word is kept by the government.

China has turned to hackers, allegedly to get an upper hand over the USA, Britain and Russia.

Often intelligence on terrorism and other activities, is now gathered over the internet.

in reference to: France24 - Bangladesh lifts ban on Facebook (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wall Street Journal- Does the Internet Make You Smarter?

Given my legal training and my fact checking tools, and procedures, and my focus: the internet has often been a blessing to me. I am one of the generation which grew up with limited but existing internet and computers. For me, I see good and bad, just like the ordinary world, the Wall Street Journal- I find to be one of the best USA newspapers, perhaps because financial news is often more professional.

I use the Internet to listen to the pope, and international news, to double check my doctors, to double check facts and news. By the internet, I find expert bloggers, better than press journalism at what they do, among the worse, which abound in many newspapers. The word free, and the word volunteer, are both vital to the internet: I for instance have yet to make a formal profit from my extensive work online, I have made friends and contacts, and gained much- yet, the point is: old media has become largely stagnant: focussed on triviality, and sex and violence, old Hollywood: good Hollywood: which I seek out in films, is largely gone, thanks to the hippies and the '80s: the internet is something which could bring it back: and bring up print standards. The power of the internet has allowed me to do much good in the world!

I am one who argues for it to be expanded: but for people top be taught to think again critically, and wisely, so as to use it safely and rightly!

in reference to: Does the Internet Make You Smarter? - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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