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Sunday 6 June 2010

Wall Street Journal- Does the Internet Make You Smarter?

Given my legal training and my fact checking tools, and procedures, and my focus: the internet has often been a blessing to me. I am one of the generation which grew up with limited but existing internet and computers. For me, I see good and bad, just like the ordinary world, the Wall Street Journal- I find to be one of the best USA newspapers, perhaps because financial news is often more professional.

I use the Internet to listen to the pope, and international news, to double check my doctors, to double check facts and news. By the internet, I find expert bloggers, better than press journalism at what they do, among the worse, which abound in many newspapers. The word free, and the word volunteer, are both vital to the internet: I for instance have yet to make a formal profit from my extensive work online, I have made friends and contacts, and gained much- yet, the point is: old media has become largely stagnant: focussed on triviality, and sex and violence, old Hollywood: good Hollywood: which I seek out in films, is largely gone, thanks to the hippies and the '80s: the internet is something which could bring it back: and bring up print standards. The power of the internet has allowed me to do much good in the world!

I am one who argues for it to be expanded: but for people top be taught to think again critically, and wisely, so as to use it safely and rightly!

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