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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Will Britain become more secular under the Coalition?

An interesting article in The Church of England Newspaper? You decide!

in reference to: Will Britain become more secular under the Coalition? - Telegraph (view on Google Sidewiki)

South African State television on the deadly to our country's image JHB soccer stampede

Tembisa's Makhulong Stadium, was the scene of what the South African government, Fifa, and victims of the stampede did not want.

Fifa, says SABC has dismissed Nigerian Football Association claims, that the stadium was the only one available for the warm up against North Korea. When I say this, when I saw this stampede on EuroNews, the police hardly seemed competent. 10 000 (Ten Thousand) people tried to get in to the free tickets match, through a single stadium entrance gate, the stampede allegedly happened after a rumour that tickets would soon be charged for says media. I am glad the SABC is finally placing stories on YouTube. They are the best of the daily TV news South African mainstream news services, certainly more professional than independent rival E-TV News.

Not focussed on: the role if any of police and the government, in this justifying exercise, it would seem!

in reference to:

"Tembisa's Makhulong Stadium"
- YouTube - Stampede aftermath (view on Google Sidewiki)

Cousteau Video Shows Oil Reaching Surface

Jean-Michel Cousteau captures underwater effects of oil plume

Quite scary interview by Fox News, in America, suggests that deadly chemicals, toxic to humans are being used to disperse the oil, and that these and the oil will head through the Caribbean and towards Western Europe, the Cousteau allegations allege. Cousteau is the son of famous Jaques Cousteau...

in reference to: Cousteau Video Shows Oil Reaching Surface - Video - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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