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Saturday, 12 June 2010

@AnIrishCatholic As Irish government plans to experiment on human embryos...

"DUBLIN, June 10, 2010 ( - An opinion poll published last Sunday shows overwhelming public support in Ireland for legal protections of embryonic human life.

In the poll, commissioned by Pro-Life Campaign, 950 people were asked whether the government should legislate to protect human embryos from deliberate destruction, either by experimentation or by methods of assisted human reproduction that destroy embryos.

59% responded that the government should legislate to include embryos in the country's constitutional protections for human life from conception. 12% were opposed and 29% did not know or had no opinion.

53% said Ireland should follow the example of countries such as Italy, Germany and Austria in banning experimentation on human embryos.

Pro-Life Campaign said the numbers actually show the country is over 80% opposed when the "Don't Knows" are excluded. 83% of those who expressed an opinion support introducing legislation to protect the human embryo while only 17% are outright opposed to such a law.

Moreover, the support for legislation protecting human embryos has risen from 48% in a similar poll in 2005. The number of those with no opinion has shown a corresponding drop, from 39% to 29%.

The poll comes in response to a decision of the Irish Supreme Court that ruled in December last year that embryos created at in vitro fertilisation facilities were not protected by the country's constitutional guarantee for the right to life because they do not qualify as "unborn."

The ruling said that embryos were deserving of "respect" and said the government needed to legislate on the issue.

Ireland's pro-abortion Health Minister, Mary Harney, quickly took the opportunity to announce that the government would begin to prepare legislation that would allow "left-over" embryos from IVF facilities to be used for destructive medical research."

Enough said: read on more:

in reference to: Overwhelming Support in Ireland for Law Protecting Human Embryos (view on Google Sidewiki)

I was asked why I am so unpatriotic about the world cup

One of my relatives went on medication for the sound, I am lucky to get my eight hours sleep and my ears hurt and hurt- I am in the suburbs- nowhere near a stadium. The vuvuzela is proven to be able to make a human being deaf i believe.

Don't believe me, ask the Canadian Toronto Star.

in reference to: South Africa makes itself heard - (view on Google Sidewiki)

Software spots internet frauds #paedophillia

Developed by the folks at Lancaster University, so they claim, is a software program that picks up your age and if you are lying- to a degree, by the words you use, even if you are trying to act like a person of a different time and age!

A study showed the software successful in 47 of 50 test cases, where adults were purposely told to pretend to be teenagers to those who it was tested on. This is a much better rate than many's natural defences- however it isn't perfect. If it is bought and doesn't detect a paedophile, there are still basics- like don't take pictures, and try talk with a webcam and trick them to see if they are real, maybe phone talking conversations etc.

As it is, children shouldn't be using these chat rooms to meet new people the internet is dangerous.

I hope the police who plan to use it one day to spot paedophiles more simply won't rely solely on this imperfect technology, in Britain.

Useful- if seen as imperfect!

in reference to: IOL Technology - Web tool unmasks online impostors (view on Google Sidewiki)

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