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Saturday 12 June 2010

Software spots internet frauds #paedophillia

Developed by the folks at Lancaster University, so they claim, is a software program that picks up your age and if you are lying- to a degree, by the words you use, even if you are trying to act like a person of a different time and age!

A study showed the software successful in 47 of 50 test cases, where adults were purposely told to pretend to be teenagers to those who it was tested on. This is a much better rate than many's natural defences- however it isn't perfect. If it is bought and doesn't detect a paedophile, there are still basics- like don't take pictures, and try talk with a webcam and trick them to see if they are real, maybe phone talking conversations etc.

As it is, children shouldn't be using these chat rooms to meet new people the internet is dangerous.

I hope the police who plan to use it one day to spot paedophiles more simply won't rely solely on this imperfect technology, in Britain.

Useful- if seen as imperfect!

in reference to: IOL Technology - Web tool unmasks online impostors (view on Google Sidewiki)

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