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Wednesday 26 May 2010

head of UCA NEWS- a Jesuit, big surprise, attacks the real presence

I have nothing to say about the Catholic Culture article, except that UCA News, has been taken out of the Scripturelink main Catholic search engine. Any attack on transubstantiation is entirely unacceptable!

in reference to: Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Jesuit head of Asian Catholic news agency criticizes transubstantiation (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tasmania's Premier considers listening to environmentalists

The premier of Oceania's Tasmania, has decided to give environmentalists the time of day in re the forestry industry, rather than rushing through talks involving interested parties. The move represents a possible gain for ideologically green persons, and a possible loss for the Tasmanian forestry industry: depending on the results of talks.

In South Africa, which has some of the toughest environmental legislation, and where ironically the state produces most energy via expensive and environmentally damaging coal power stations, trees are mostly planted and then cut down, in a sort of forest farm set up, and much of the country's paper is recycled, as with other items.

Read more as provided by the Australian government's Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

in reference to: Premier's backflip on roundtable urgency - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (view on Google Sidewiki)

Dumbell attack teacher warns of potential crisis in British education, due to the environment teachers work in

He taught science at All Saints' Roman Catholic School in Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire, and had been teaching for over 20 year, something teachers tend to be proud of given their odd emphasis on "experience". Peter Harvey, 50 years of age, had last year severely beaten a boy with a dumbbell, but somehow impressed his jury and the judge involved to the extent that he was spared jail time, being acquitted of attempted murder, and of the lesser charge of assault with intent of causing grievous bodily harm.

The teacher had used a dumbbell, a small pole with weights on either end, and screeched "die... die... die" while inflicting possibly permanent damage on the boy, despite school Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, and many witnesses.

Apparently the children had a scheme to make him go berserk, and a camera at the ready. He claimed what in South African law is called provocation, that due to emotional stress, he had lost control of himself, literally gone berserk. I am unsure of what the defence in British jurisdiction is known as, in South Africa it is hardly ever accepted since the Eadie (Hocky Stick) case.

Many South African teachers immigrate to Great Britain and elsewhere, and many of these according to the grape vine would agree with Mr Harvey, that working conditions for teachers in Great Britain are often near intolerable.

If these teachers are to be believed, children swearing at teachers in Great Britain, is not uncommon. It was a swear word, accompanied with its common accompanying word, informing the teacher to get out of the 14 year old (at the time, now 15)'s business which caused what the verdict means was a crazed attack on the boy.

The teacher involved, had just returned from a seemingly ineffective long leave for stress, and due to his demonstrated inability to work with children, will be prevented from working with children in the United Kingdom, due to his unacceptable behaviour.

As the South African courts have found, simply being angry, is mostly not enough of an excuse, most people could handle a child swearing at them without going berserk, that does not mean that working conditions do not cause people to be more susceptible to uncontrolled outbursts.

(Nothing in this note about an of note Sky News article constitutes legal advice)

in reference to: 'Dumbbell' Teacher Peter Harvey Claims Many Of His Colleagues Are 'Ticking Time Bombs' | UK News | Sky News (view on Google Sidewiki)

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