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Thursday 10 June 2010

British heir to the throne wants to use population control to get less poor people

The Prince of Wales has called for societal change and other controversial methods of protecting non-human animals and their habitats from human beings: by reducing third world populations. He has even had the audacity to ask Muslims to return to traditional trades, rather than benefit from Western commercialism.

General trends point to a population which will decline says the Telegraph.

KPMG warns of catastrophe accompanying this, saying in a summary on a document (available online) about the aging and declining population as noted in the International Monetary Fund 2006 Working document, which deals with a workforce which may not be replaced, and permanent loss of skills:


"KPMG believes this an opportunity to create leaner organisations and careful strategic plans need to be put in place now to deal with the potentially huge impact of demographic change."

They say this having noted fears and dangers across the business world, including South Africa!

Note document here:

in reference to: Prince of Wales calls for population control in developing world - Telegraph (view on Google Sidewiki)

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