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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Putin seeks endangered Persian Leopard...

Russian President Vladimir Putin, may be known for his photo shoots with every sort of manly scenario, but when a Persian Leopard needed a cuddle, he was more than accommodating. The Russian President visited Sochi National Park amid the Olympics, auspiciously to promote awareness of the endangered Persian Leopard population.

The Russian Presidency were sure to post a picture on Twitter, as were Russia Today (who's photograph our own editor, Marc Aupiais linked to on his Twitter [seen above]).

Article Written By Marc Aupiais for SACNS, and Adapted for Aupiais Wire by Marc Aupiais for SACNS.

French Media accuse man of animal abuse against a 'car'; 17 mag calls Selena Gomez a whore...

A caged animal must run? A caged car is a car that doesn't go fast enough? French radio station Radio France International say in their Twitter card preview that a man locked a motorvehicle into a cage and threw chemicals at it and thus has been convicted of animal abuse. They meant he did so to a poor little cat, but unfortunately that isn't what a reasonable read of what they wrote relays.

Selena Gomez is having a bad week, with all the accusations being made by Radar online alleged anonymous sources. To make things worse 17 Magazine gave Selena the cover, and in their Twitter preview called her a whore... and Selena Gomez linked to the article.

The case that tabloid media lied that Selena Gomez @selenagomez lost her virginity at Palm Springs 3 years ago.

Radar Online seems to be the go to site for breaking controversial anonymous source stories about singer, actress, fashion brand, songstress Selena Gomez as of late.

It is they who, after media said false screen shots of Justin Bieber insulting and sexting Selena Gomez were circulating: published those screen shots. The media who had condemned the shots quickly joined in and forgot reporting these as false. Most websites did not publish the statement by Selena Gomez's reps that the story was false. Apparently her stepfather's phone was used to get the screenshots to the offending source. Apparently she accused Justin Bieber of drug addiction and said he desperately required rehab. Apparently he replied by sending a pic of where no one wants to look. And apparently, and note this well, Selena's step father's phone had these screen shots on it...

Radar Online reports Today that Selena Gomez has a drug problem and went to rehab for two weeks from 05 January 2014. They say her reps confirm that she was in rehab but deny it was for substance abuses. Other news media either also are confirming with her representative and getting the same answer or sponging off Radar online, who's sources insisting she is a druggie befriending bad influences she needed to escape are also quoted, with reference to Radar Online.

Radar Online also claims that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party, came out as a couple, and then flew to Palm Springs so Selena could give Justin Bieber her virginity. Media conveniently quoted an article that said that Justin Bieber said he thought sex should wait until love. Apparently Justin Bieber boasted to pals that Miss Gomez was in love with him and so they especially booked the trip for sex, and nothing but... pun not intended.

These stories have something ominously unusual in common: Radar Online... It is a real possibility that Radar Online has some pretty well placed sources or a spiteful ex friend with dirt to spill. It is also a real possibility that Radar Online is engaging in yellow yellow journalism and making up sources to sell page view adverts. The leaks seem so perfectly crafted both for the news cycle of the bad bieber, and to past known stories, Though not just quite so perfectly enough: i.e. if Selena tells Justin to go to rehab yet is supposedly herself a drug addict... Selena's father is allegedly sending her friends screenshots of her sexting if Radar is to be taken seriously... As for Palm Springs... again maybe it is true... but maybe Radar is profiting a bit from a bit of fiction. I don't know either way, but Radar has serious reason to worry about having a few bad apples...

After all, two weeks in rehab is hardly the norm if drugs are the cause.

UK Telegraph caught red handed using false images in attempt to discredit Sochi olympics in Russia...

Above: Actual image by a Canadian journalist: our investigation showed this to be an original photo, unlike the hoaxes put forward by the UK Daily Telegraph and other media below.

Certainly some stories of Sochi may be true, but many are hoaxes or cruel sattire seemingly purposely put forward as though fact by biased Western journalists

Maybe accusations of painting grass green, and menu mistranslations are true, and maybe the Western bias is working at full speed ahead...

Here are some questionable items by journalists shown as though fact by the UK Telegraph, who wrote an article on journalists criticising Sochi:

These falsehoods we debunk appeared reported as though factual and authentic in a British newspaper: 'Shambles behind the scenes at Sochi' By Roland Oliphant, 'in Sochi' and Josie Ensor for the UK Telegraph at 10:43AM GMT 05 Feb 2014

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