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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Putin seeks endangered Persian Leopard...

Russian President Vladimir Putin, may be known for his photo shoots with every sort of manly scenario, but when a Persian Leopard needed a cuddle, he was more than accommodating. The Russian President visited Sochi National Park amid the Olympics, auspiciously to promote awareness of the endangered Persian Leopard population.

The Russian Presidency were sure to post a picture on Twitter, as were Russia Today (who's photograph our own editor, Marc Aupiais linked to on his Twitter [seen above]).

Article Written By Marc Aupiais for SACNS, and Adapted for Aupiais Wire by Marc Aupiais for SACNS.

French Media accuse man of animal abuse against a 'car'; 17 mag calls Selena Gomez a whore...

A caged animal must run? A caged car is a car that doesn't go fast enough? French radio station Radio France International say in their Twitter card preview that a man locked a motorvehicle into a cage and threw chemicals at it and thus has been convicted of animal abuse. They meant he did so to a poor little cat, but unfortunately that isn't what a reasonable read of what they wrote relays.

Selena Gomez is having a bad week, with all the accusations being made by Radar online alleged anonymous sources. To make things worse 17 Magazine gave Selena the cover, and in their Twitter preview called her a whore... and Selena Gomez linked to the article.

UK Telegraph caught red handed using false images in attempt to discredit Sochi olympics in Russia...

Above: Actual image by a Canadian journalist: our investigation showed this to be an original photo, unlike the hoaxes put forward by the UK Daily Telegraph and other media below.

Certainly some stories of Sochi may be true, but many are hoaxes or cruel sattire seemingly purposely put forward as though fact by biased Western journalists

Maybe accusations of painting grass green, and menu mistranslations are true, and maybe the Western bias is working at full speed ahead...

Here are some questionable items by journalists shown as though fact by the UK Telegraph, who wrote an article on journalists criticising Sochi:

These falsehoods we debunk appeared reported as though factual and authentic in a British newspaper: 'Shambles behind the scenes at Sochi' By Roland Oliphant, 'in Sochi' and Josie Ensor for the UK Telegraph at 10:43AM GMT 05 Feb 2014

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