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Sunday 6 June 2010

The censorship that goes: Facebook unbanned in Bangladesh after Facebook alleged acquiesce

Facebook may not acquiesce to other issues, but when it comes to Islam's claimed Prophet Mohammed, and its claim over one million Facebook users in Bangladesh: 1/6th of the Bangladeshi internet users: Facebook is alleged to have acquiesced to remove pages in accordance with Bangladeshi censorship of portrayal of the Islamic religion's claimed prophet and of the political leaders of what France 24 calls: the 90% Islamic country. Pakistan also recently lifted a ban on Facebook after a court order.

As the fight between a self censoring and state censored internet continues globally, countries such as China and a number of Islamic governments and more centrist states have chosen more censorship. Even South Africa allegedly has an internet firewall, I was informed when was unavailable, in South Africa, but available elsewhere until I mentioned this on social networking site Twitter.

It is increasingly possible to censor the internet, and even email as technology improves.

In South Africa, law requires that all mobile phone conversations be recorded, and all emails also be kept in archives which submit to the state. Citizens talk, knowing that every word is kept by the government.

China has turned to hackers, allegedly to get an upper hand over the USA, Britain and Russia.

Often intelligence on terrorism and other activities, is now gathered over the internet.

in reference to: France24 - Bangladesh lifts ban on Facebook (view on Google Sidewiki)

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