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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Vatican expresses "sorrow and concern" over Israeli attack on aid ship

The ship was certainly intended for a political statement, from the start, though many expected a less active Israeli response, even if the current government is more polarized against the Palestinians than ever, and has lost the confidence of having a strong American ally, as Israel had in George Bush.

The Vatican, has condemned the attack, by expressing "sorrow and concern", says AFP.

Other Nations concerned by the Israeli response to the pro-Palestinian ship's attempt to reach Gaza, include: France, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and Spain.

Russia, Britain, Beligum, France, Portugal, and Greece have let Israel understand their disagreement with their methods against the ship.

Argentina, Brazil, and others in Latin America have asked for action, The OIC have also condemned the attack. The Arab League has convened a special meeting.

The AU (African Union), has asked for an investigation.

Pakistan, Algiers, Tunis, Rabat have strongly condemned the attack.

... Says Agence France-Presse, as translated by my internet browser.

in reference to: Dispatches: euronews: The world news in video (view on Google Sidewiki)

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