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Sunday 30 May 2010

Very Biased Daily Mail Piece, on Monsignor Charles Scicluna

Monsignor Charles Scicluna, said that priests who abuse risk terrible punishment in Hell, quoting the bible. Though Nick Pisa insisted on making a headline which makes it news. The article surveys Italians rather than Catholics, and cherry picks statistics, as a proper view would show. There is no proof the pope even knew of the German case in Munich, and the pope has done more than apologise to victims in Malta, he did the same in many countries and has done very much to fight abuse.

None the less, with a cautious view, one may be interested in this article!

in reference to: Paedophile priests face 'burning in hell', says Vatican | Mail Online (view on Google Sidewiki)

George Bush Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed at Catholic wedding, His dad, not so much

The youngest son of former Gov. Jeb Bush, the son being 26 years old, John Ellis Bush Jr. got married to Sandra Algudady in Miami, Saturday, in a Melkite Catholic Church. The Melkite Church is in Full Communion with Rome, making it Catholic.

George W. (and his daughters: Jenna and Barbara) and George H. W. Bush were both in attendance at the wedding as were Secret Service and Police it seems.

in reference to: Bush family celebrates wedding of Jeb's youngest (view on Google Sidewiki)

South Africa page

Need to find a parish in RSA, or search the local hierarchy, or political parties, or local press, this page has the links on the South African Catholic News Service blog!

in reference to: South African Catholic: South Africa (view on Google Sidewiki)

Associated Press writes forced, biased, embarrassing article on the pope

Anyone who thinks doctrinal and theological differences makes a good sentence is a bit afar from Christianity. Doctrine and theology form one body of overlapping knowledge, and doctrine is part of theology.

The Pope's decision to debate has actually earned many allies in the Muslim world, and in traditional political hotspots, the pope is well versed. The article seems forced, and written by someone who knows they are out of their depths. The Cyprian visit will likely go off without a hitch. Benedict may spark debate, but not violence so much. He will likely quote local bishops in his speech, it is how he usually operates, he says what his favourite local bishops say!

in reference to: - Gaffe-prone Pope Benedict XVI will be tested on delicate trip to divided island of Cyprus (view on Google Sidewiki)

Earth-Touch: New Marine Highlights- 7: look at the Fishes, beautiful

Look at the blue ocean, I love watching Earth-Touch specials!

in reference to: YouTube - Earth-Touch Marine Highlights 7 (view on Google Sidewiki)

Earth-Touch - more Marine Highlights

here is episode 6 of Marine Highlights, from my favourite wildlife documentary service, Earth-Touch!

in reference to: YouTube - Earth-Touch Marine Highlights 6 (view on Google Sidewiki)

Obama's energy gamble pays off, but not for the White House, for the Republicans in the Houses of Parliament

Why not risk the environment while campaigning and while working: focus on controversial "Global Warmning"/"Climate Change" rather than protecting not controversial, but existing eco-systems, such was Obama's agenda in office, as legitimate conservation concerns were ignored, and as off-shore drilling has become the New Iraq.

British Petroleum (BP), or whatever they call themselves in the USA drilled oil at a level, where if safety measures failed, a disaster like this was assured. The oil rig exploded, resulting in loss of human life, and the safety measures for this failed, resulting in the loss of animal and plant life.

For the sake of a problem that may happen: man-made "greenhouse effect" climate change, Obama risked and ignored the environment we already had, after all, the Wall Street Journal notes that Obama was compromising on the safety of sea habitats, for the sake of carbon cuts, a complete irony.

Obama also has yet to end Climate Change, if it is man-made and not caused by another cause, which may well even then perhaps be preventable.

The USA, and China, both at Copenhagen: achieved an industrial coup. Their reductions, promised, according to EuroNews, were seemingly not based on 1990's levels, meaning that they certainly will not prevent the 2 degree rise that Global Warming faithful say would be irreversible.

in reference to: Leak Sets Ever Rising Political Stakes - (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sea Shepherd, a militant organization

Their black ships remind one of the destructive alien space craft of many a science fiction film. Their name says a lot about this militant leftest green organization. Sea Shepherd, a vigil ante group: heroes in Australia which sees whaling as illegal, monstrous villains in Japan, where the other view prevails.

Those with good memories will remember the alleged sinking of one of these ships by a Japanese whaling boat, video seemed to show stink bombs being thrown at the Japanese and other acts constituting assault.

It was interesting to compare the BBC to Al Jazeera in covering this group, and interesting also how positively Animal Planet (Discovery Channel) portrays these law breaking extremists.

No one should doubt that Sea Shepherd are extremists, or that they plan to damage others' property. What is notable however is that unlike Al Qaeda or the Taliban, or even the rare pro-lifer who takes the law into their own hands (actually pro-abortionist groups and individuals attack pro-lifers and kill them more than the other way around), Sea Shepherd are portrayed as heroes, seeking the common good of the world.

It's all about ideology.

That isn't saying Sea Shepherd doesn't do good, that isn't saying the IRA didn't achieve good. It is simply saying that one media outlet's hero, is another's extremist. Aren't we all extreme about something? Which extreme is acceptable really depends on the speaker's goals.

in reference to: YouTube - Whale Wars: Why Paul Protects Whales (view on Google Sidewiki)

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