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Sunday, 13 June 2010

British girls use abortion instead of traditional contraception- Telegraph UK

I read about this situation ages ago in the Daily Mail, but the Telegraph is seen as more accurate.

Interestingly enough, a recent study in America, found that children given values based sex education without contraceptive education are more likely to use condoms, etc than those taught about them in schools, likewise where condoms are provided in prostitution hotels, with educative materials, they are more unlikely to be used according to a study by an well known medical journal in South America. The idea of teaching a child to use contraceptive, also has been linked to an increase in dangerous sexual activity. Many figures link contraception to abortion. If the British people with their legalized prostitution, abortion adverts on subways, and centuries old mistreatment of women didn't see this coming, then they are blind.

Abortions in general went down slightly in Britain last year, repeat abortion seekers were significantly up. KPMG has warned of a possible crisis in the public sector in many countries including South Africa due to a declining, ageing skilled workforce.

in reference to: Dozens of teenage girls have had three abortions or more - Telegraph (view on Google Sidewiki)

Nine years old girls are getting breasts- Telegraph

A study in the Denmark is raising fears of an increase in breast cancer, diseases in later life, and for girls considered already over-sexualized, as Denmark's Girls are now hitting puberty at 9 years and 10 months, a year too early. Some suspects include chemicals in food, and chemicals which children are exposed to in baby products, over-eating, but surprisingly not sex: given the ever lowering age at which children in Western Societies are first having sex. Evidence in America, the United States that is, and great Britain also seem to suggest that puberty is coming earlier, along with the health hazards which accompany that!

in reference to: Girls now reaching puberty before 10 – a year sooner than 20 years ago - Telegraph (view on Google Sidewiki)

Awe- baby wants an abortion?

Linda Diebel of the Canadian Toronto Star, insists on attacking the Catholic church in this case: I have covered the case before: the church was correct- and had even offered financial support to insure the girl was safe. Her step father continuously raped her says the Star and other media: why did her mother not stop this?

The reason the step father was not excommunicated was a matter of canon law and doctrine. Abortion gains an automatic excommunication, while rape would require a canonical trial before excommunication to determine whether there actually was rape, and because one act is more common and less prevented by civil law than the other. The church did not need to excommunicate the father; as his crime is punished by the state.

In any case, what does one expect from the anti-Conservative, pro-abortion Toronto Star, which so clearly opposes the current Canadian administration, and now them Conservatives in Catholic Brazil.

Why a million or something state endorsed abortions a year? because most women are forced into abortion- by relatives, boyfriends, or by economic circumstances; that is not to validate their choice. The point is: most are coerced.

So Brazil it seems wants to protect the rights of the unborn child above all others, or some politicians there do says the Toronto Star.

Good on Brazil. Hopefully such would be interpreted so that where a cancerous womb needs removing etc, it may be done, even if it accidentally hurts/ends the life of the child. Abortion of course is the intentional killing of the child: what happened in Brazil. If they did an early caesarian section which risked the unborn child, that would have been different.

in reference to: Brazil: Abortion fight for raped girl, 9 - (view on Google Sidewiki)

No such thing as saving a mother's life by abortion

at least that is not what moral Catholic doctors do, which is why this article is so useful, because a piece of catholic teaching is so oft purposely or accidentally twisted. An Irish anti-elective-abortion/pro-life group, Youth Defence has taken out adverts in Irish papers to rectify this:

"According to, the group has taken out ads in all of the country’s major newspapers that read in part, “Abortion never saves a mother’s life – it just kills a baby.” “The ad quotes from “Rene” who describes the loss of her unborn child, who implanted in her fallopian tube, as “heartbreaking.”

“Now I hear pro-abortion campaigners claiming that treatment for an ectopic pregnancy is abortion," she says. "That’s absolutely untrue – and it’s so wrong to scare women by claiming that necessary medical treatments are abortions. I didn’t want my baby to die. And it hurts to see his death used to push for abortion.”

“In Ireland abortion is illegal and, according to the UN, we are the safest country in the world for a woman to have a baby. Therefore, in cases such as an ectopic pregnancy or cancer of the uterus, doctors always try to treat the mothers—even if the treatment has as a consequence the un-intentional death of their babies,” the ad says.

The ads also feature comments from Prof. John Bonner, a former head of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, who told a Dáil Committee in 2000: “It would never cross an obstetrician’s mind that intervening in a case of pre-eclampsia, cancer of the cervix or ectopic pregnancy is abortion.”"

Read on at CNA: Catholic News Agency:

in reference to: Ad campaign demolishes myth of 'therapeutic abortion' in Ireland :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) (view on Google Sidewiki)

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