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Friday 22 April 2011

Thoughts on Malema and kill the boer

Note by Marc Aupiais

Malema is treating a part of the population as subhuman for the sake of culture. This is what this opinion article elaborates!

Recently I read of Trigg, Palin's son, who suffers a disability from before birth but after conception. He was mocked, called retarded, treated as predictable and pointless by Democrat supporters of the Culture of Death part of the blog-o-sphere in USA America.

It reminded me of Patrick and Matthew Archbold on abortion: how does one know a society is committing a genocide: be it the National Socialists of Germany or the Nationalists of South Africa, or the Communists and Socialists of Russia...

The answer is simple enough. You create a genocide or partake in one when you treat others as sub or superhuman.

The Islamist is superhuman. The Hun is superhuman.

The curly haired unbeliever/infidel was "subhuman".

And so forth.

When we call human life less than human- when we do away with human dignity that is: we cause it to be endangered and endanger it to the culture of death.

Malema wants to sing/shout at the top of his lungs "Kill the Boer": a phrase uniquely offensive to almost all white South Africans who feel targeted, subhuman. Boarish.

So if Malema can sing this song, for cultural reasons: the old culture of death which erupted in South Africa and conquered both sides for years, then we have danger.

We have super or subhuman whites. And thus super or subhuman blacks.

Isolating a minority race is only the start. The end is hatred. The end is the culture of death.

When speaking of people, we ought take into account their soul, their dignity, their right to be spoken to and of as human beings.

We are all sinful. What sets us apart is goodness!

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