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Sunday 27 June 2010

Republishing: Asynchronisity: a God of Chaos: who sees Chaos in Order/ Order in our own Chaos

Article by Marc Aupiais

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aSynchronisity (Article originally scrapped, but republished: with editing: on receipt of an email, I was sent: which encouraged me in reworking it)
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(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Chaos is to the benefit of the prescient, and those who can predict better than apposing personages: as it happens: by order, we predict the future. Chaos, is that which causes confusion, to those not understanding it. Those who know where an ambush is laid can avoid it, those who understand a routine can use it. Utter chaos is the field where they, who know the future best: outwit all.

Confusion, mystery, chaos: imagine this: fire on water, and war all around, gun shots blast, and sirens blare. Blueness covers the scene, a hidden, not always noticed blue. Perhaps that of the sirens, but not. Red dots, yet this is not a battle between police and robbers. Somehow, the mind must understand, and make order to know what they are dealing with. What makes the red dots: are these vague images lights?

There is a battle going on, a small scene in a great chaos of conflict. One feels the stream, currents of time and space, and move slightly between carnage, and chaos: as bullets spray, and things all of a sudden explode. The sand is muddy now, one is fleeing, one is crawling on scrapping knees, and jumping, and rushing. The heat begins to beat so fast, yet one is guided, one escapes.

Imagine this, and how such casualties are struck, and death wrought all over, as one pauses and moves, like a guerrilla in the woods, or a woodsman hidden in a known forest, or kayaking boatman in the ocean, rowing between icebergs, and whales. It is a complete image which hits me, it always is as an author, and such images combine, and are woven, and altered like clay in my softly moving hands: to create novels: coming in day and sleep. Yet, while such chaos may benefit, none moral would make it through evil: that does not mean that those who are moral and in a situation of such: will not use chaos to their advantage. How much more is it certain: that while free will allows for evil: yet that which is order itself: will use the chaos from such hostility: for the good of all who love Him. In fact, they right thing can well be to tolerate some evil at times: yet call it account when it is best: because immediately smiting one may hurt the innocent: like God, we to only tolerate evil while in a time, and place where it is of benefit to good to do so temporally.

Chaos, and order in this temporal phase of the universal stages: are illusions of sorts, or rather: in the perspective of the beholder, they don't really exist, not here in any case: or else: they exist, but in a way which the ordinary man does not fully comprehend; but which the saint can see: whereby order exists, and chaos: but these are different from normal everyday uses of these connotations to sound. Order refers to control, but only so far as it is needed because control of events by that which is stuck in temporal time: needs to rely on predictability, even cause it. In other words; to order that something be done: is to try to cause a sequence of events where it occurs: orders are there to create order, or an order of benefit to the one making them, or which such thinks of benefit.

We cannot by our perception alone: know the future, or why God does as he does; mystery creates a special "chaotic" code, which only in the seeing of truth, we can understand of all. God is not temporal, but eternal, not even aeviternal, as "rational" souls are. Yes, perhaps the body of Jesus is aeviternal: and that which leaves his form is temporal: but in his divine nature he is eternal, his human nature: I am not qualified to say this: but perhaps it contained temporal or aeviternal parts; yet in such a way as that which is divine could possibly have this: Jesus was fully human: perhaps then his human soul is only aeviternal.

God is eternal: that means he can be none but basis of the fabric of time and space, the little bubble of necessity: we walk and breathe in. Outside of God, there is nothing, there is but darkness: he is the blue bubble which causes the flickering spark of life, caressing all: yet as a lover, not an enemy. He is not the chair I sit on, nor my DNA, yet he is the power in which these are supported; in which all reality rests: against which; ever for now: sin falls against in rebelling, with destruction: breaking death loose on the world! Evil, fighting this power creates false perceptions, so that we neglect to see order in the chaos: and therefore are hit by it and harmed. Even as we admit that a sort of chaos is the order of the universe: we must admit that a good God would create a way for even us to conquer the chaos: this is the purpose of ethics, and virtue: that which is good is compliant to the "chaos" which is God's plan. Morality is simply a dance of sanity: which keeping us safe beyond any prediction's extent. It is sanity which acts morally. We do not pretend to understand time and distance, or fully: the life after death. We do understand that it, which is compliance to the Chaos of God: keeps us alive as breath cannot, beyond death; when we obey God to every extent. Chaos is simply us admitting we cannot control the world. We mourn the pain of animals, and our own pain: and though this is why often some attack God when animals are hurt due to elements of time and space: it is because we are like them; and fear: yet God does no matter of moral evil or anything he considers evil: to man; either evil causes death: as sometimes, it seems: occurs; or in fact: death is not an end; only a doorway to the next sections of our consciousness: that final place: when we are alive or illusion and of death. Indeed: death is the responsibility of God, even the Greeks put this to their Gods: the three "Fates": to disobey God is the route which all sin takes: and whereas morality is the peak acting of sanity: sin: is the slow loss of such needed sanity.

Imagine Him we worship: walking now, by a lake, yet what does that mean? What mystery incarnate: that infinite being: appearing to be, or even being aeviternal in a way, with even perhaps temporal parts: such seems chaos: such energy in but a small form. It is the goodness which makes what seems chaos to be order, and which conquers all illusion which is the actual chaos: this ability to comprehend, and conquer chaos: is the gift which is given. Our salvation lies in the child: Jesus, a man at this time: who walked by and on the lake. Showing he is in control, he walked on such lake against our predictions. Such is "chaos", is it not?

Yet, he is as much a human as a God, even now, he is both: and a human made order of chaos: not by taking the chaos away: but by giving meaning to it, and all things, so that we could be sane, and calm in chaos: collected: and able to exist forever.

God is not a God of contradiction or chaos, but God is also not only a three dimensional being, but a three personed being, yet not three Gods, but one. Our ways are in order, and prediction, his is in a higher mysterious order, sometimes appearing to be chaos and his ways are in knowing, and doing true things. The war between God and evil is between Reality and falseness. God is reality, the very DNA of time and space, or rather: something more elemental than that.

We rightly think God is order, he is not then simply our order: simply put, unlike His rational soul: we are not entirely sane. He is a God who created order: but that is for us, and of his nature, by which we are ordained to be born, he is a God who is logical, but that is because he is the fabric of the universe: that one which all relies upon, on which the fabric of the universe relies, and rests. He is not all things, but all things need him to exist. That which is real relies on him, yet all things cannot include evil. Evil does not technically exist, but is a misfiring, something, a madness which choice allows man: which sucks his very life from him, like the merciless tide of the unforgiving seas. God is "chaos" in a way, but ordered chaos. The chaos which is evil is that without meaning: it is the slaughter of the good; it is evil. Evil: is that which makes us less real: if God is Reality: evil is Illusion, while it does not exist: the void where it is does: so that one truly disobeys by sinning. Evil is a lack of Good: of Reality, of God.

Every Just War, or Just Uprising, is also an unjust war and unjust battle. Those fighting on one side are fighting a Just War, those on the other, an Unjust War.

Is God Chaos in his eyes: no: yet that which is aeviternal cannot fully comprehend that which is eternal: at least not yet. Chaos, in fact is what we use to denote a situation in which we are unable to predict far enough ahead, so as to handle it. Chaos is dangerous. It is how one may well describe many things: it is danger, and fear all at once. It is when: if we could predict its source, we could well survive.

So; if the universe is chaos: it is dangerous: how then is survival adequate except in Love: the key to all things. To comprehend love is to begin to understand God. Love believes the Gospel, it believes the faith: because of the source giving the truth; which is truth. Love, is in fact the meaning in the madness: and by it we can make the right move to stay in key with the music of God... What seems to atheists as insanity in a Righteous God: is not insanity, but love: God's chaos may not be comprehensible to man: but its meaning: love: is.

Love explains all: it is our mentorship in times, and oceanic bouts. Love is deeper than romance: which itself is not love. As yet imperfect: human love; oft wrought with evil illusion: this nature of a higher force: tells us of the perfect Devine love. Waves in the ripple tank reflect the mammoth monsters of the ocean, which hide sharks, and monsters, and powers, and wonders.

God is not chaos but Order: this we know because in some things we understand his ways: especially in matters of love... at least we can understand such. Lust: which tries to falsely appear as, and substitute for love: is a reason many are denied comprehension of the chaos of life.

We do not understand the ocean, not either do we entirely comprehend, nor understand: the spiritual. That which is seen is influenced by unseen horrors, like a boat in the ocean, and protected all around by unseen deity, and goodness: that of Jesus, and the entirety of the Triune God, is that which orders things to protect. Each person has a guardian: an angel to aid; and we each can ask of a Patron; our sister who watches us like a lover, and bride. Yet, our safety is in God, in that which sees order in the chaos, and protects us: heart and soul.

Odd, or convenient, or simply informing for us: that the antonym of "Chaos" is "Order": and when we speak of commands we say it is "orders". We admit that by "authority": "chaos" is fought, or that commands maintain a status quo: yet this is to say that orders which increase meaningless chaos are meaningless: that society and commands are only justified when rational and ordered to the true nature of God. Orders, are that which attempt to combat chaos.

Our way to predict the world's actions is to understand that which causes them. The relation of Reality to us: is what we study, and we know that like in the ocean, jumping before or as waves break like walls, and fall; by mimicking the tides of time and space via what Christians call love, truth, sanity, and faith: we are able not to see God's actions as "Chaos", but as Love, and in this in Sanity, which is the only sane action: we in fact dance with God; meaning that we are safe.

That we have a word: "chaos"; this alone proves such fact of our inadequacy, and of our need of God, and saints, and angels and such: our perception alone is inadequate to maintain our life-force: yet Love, Truth, Reality Himself: offers us an opportunity; not simply to predict today, or ten thousand decades of millennia, if those even shall come to pass: but rather: the cause of the ripples, the love of God asks that we join him forever as saints; he asks this through the living and the Aeviternal saints and angels, and His Son. Here, his prediction, and nature, and the nature of the universe itself preserves us!

To say that the universe is chaotic is to admit we are unable to understand it fully: and to admit that we are not self-sufficient to handle our live here: we die, do we not? If our aim is life, then we are in need of life, so how can God not be needed..? He is needed!

The reason all living people, this even (as shown by the incident at the temple:) including Jesus, when he was incarnated as a child: make mistakes: this reason is that God realized that we would have a choice. We can live in chaos or order: but order lies not simply in handling chaos: one must conquer chaos to have order, and God is not only the God of what appears chaotic; he is the God of Order: order which to those as yet incapable of managing it: appears chaotic.

Now, to those not understanding a culture, or procedure: is it not all just chaos? Yet God gives us guidance: his hand is out, he is waiting, and moving backwards: we must look beyond the swaying waves: of the moving crowds, which do so simply frame his image: we must see beyond "chaos" into the true order, by which we tame the earth with order: we must see God; if we ever want safety. For the purpose of predicting the future; by all our statistics: is self preservation: and preservation of man, and his interests: and yet; the universe, while made with the aim of aiding man: was made for man and God to share: as a place where God has company with man and man's right desires: perhaps even Animals' temporal souls also exist in heaven: in another way than here. Truth is, if they do: it is for our enjoyment.

Somehow, suffering: and things which cause such fear in my heart: these are often the place and time where I turn to trust, and sane action. What is sane in the universe: is that which complies with the true order of it: morality, and religion: Catholic Religion: under Christ him self’s rule from the heavenly king's power: his power: his own truth in his kingship of all: to truth: to love.

So, while one sanely suffers small pain to avoid calamity, as with going to a dentist, or for surgery: we endure "great" pains here in exiled chaos of the mind: but this is nothing, and no thing's power: if we are to live forever in bliss. Chaos is a term which only the limited, finite beings, and perhaps that which empathises with them: can comprehend. Pain: when seen in the light of love: is small compared with the promise it carries for the Just men.

Love, while seeming madness: has meaning: making it somewhat predictable: at least in its purpose. God is not Chaos, but love: and what makes love sane: is a basis in truth!

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