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Thursday 27 May 2010

Sex and the city, complete junk

I say that without watching it, from another who hasn't. A female friend has decided i am to watch it on Monday with her. I technically won't watch it hopefully, I will just be in the theatre, while the junk plays and she oogles at the screen but I don't.

Complete junk from a junk script written in hell, and thus burnt of any connection with reality, or healthy, wholesome living. P.s. which is quoted, as it is one of the few sites to hold a male review of the film, is unfortunately to my knowledge pro-abortion, but Decent films, clearly couldn't find another male review of the non-carborated garbage which is that denial of sanity- "Sex and the City".

in reference to: Lines I Wish I Had Written: Sex and the City 2 (view on Google Sidewiki)

How does the Vatican feel about Dwarf Tossing

In France, tossing a dwarf is a cherished tradition, but whichever dwarf took this photo of the pope, while hiding under a table and working for the Reuters press agency, certainly wasn't tossed... out that is. because they got their photo of the pope, and some other lads and ladies, you know the pope, gregarious type of folk he is: preaching friendship, truth and the Gospel and all. That's God's Rottweiler for you, fortunately for Reuters, he is a well train lad, he doesn't attack dwarfs working for the often brilliant Reuters press agency.

in reference to: Papist Picture of the Day – 5/26/10 « (view on Google Sidewiki)

God's most beautiful creation... wait, this light weight art isn't God's

Nuns in the Habit of Massaging for their dinner Pound it out with water

If I often mention Thomas Peters' articles, it is because I love reading his articles. At least these nuns are wearing habits. They gave up chicken farming and opened a lucrative day spa. Though some people might want to spar with whoever came up with the concept. Read on at American Papist!

in reference to: Wha?! Nuns dump chicken farm to open message spa « (view on Google Sidewiki)

Selena Gomez raises abortion money for a third year?

Selena Gomez is once again raising money for Trick or Treat. In the past trick or treat money, according to the National Catholic Register: has gone towards promoting abortion and steralization in third world countries. Unicef staff, according to news reports, have also often pushed abortion, which has caused a population decline, which KPMG warns could be disastrous to world economies in the future. Sad from a girl raised Catholic!

in reference to: Facebook | I am so happy to... (view on Google Sidewiki)

Northern Ireland: Zero Tolerance for Sectarian hate, if the complainant is Protestant that is

The BBC reports on a case in Northern Ireland were a man was purportedly denied bail, based on what the judge apparently saw as a needed no tolerance approach to sectarian hate. The woman who allegedly was threatened with being burnt out of her home, was a Protestant lady, living in a largely Catholic area in Northern Ireland, the Belfast High Court found. It will be interesting to see in future whether a similar policy will apply when the victim is Catholic.

in reference to: BBC News - Zero tolerance for sectarian hate (view on Google Sidewiki)

Is Selena Gomez Catholic, Yes Selena Gomez is Catholic

At least she was on September 26, 2008 when asked about family traditions by famous Stationary/school stuff company Scholastic's for teenagers/kids news service. She said:

"Selena: My family does have Quincenaras, and we go to the communion church. We do everything that's Catholic, but we don't really have anything traditional except go to the park and have barbeques on Sundays after church."

Anyone who really knows me, knows: I love God, and I love Selena Gomez, which I love more on a particular day has often been in dispute.

I enjoyed this interview!

P.S. Selena does raise funds for Unicef, an organization which does quietly support abortion, as detailed by many news reports around the world.

I still would marry her in an Instant, Selena Gomez, will you marry me... in a Catholic Church?

in reference to:

"Selena: My family does have Quincenaras, and we go to the communion church. We do everything that's Catholic, but we don't really have anything traditional except go to the park and have barbeques on Sundays after church."
- Star Spotlight: Selena Gomez | (view on Google Sidewiki)

Woman Held Down to Force Abortion?

She changed her mind about abortion, but that didn't change her doctor's mind, as she allegedly was held down as they killed her baby!

in reference to:

"Woman Held Down to Force Abortion?"
- Creative Minority Report: Woman Held Down to Force Abortion? (view on Google Sidewiki)

So this is what our weekly donations in church go towards?

Bishop Giuseppe Sandri MCCJ (whatever that means), who the SACBC says is Bishop of Witbank, clearly had enough time on his hands to bless a world cup soccer stadium in Nelspruit. I am glad the South African bishops are focussing on important social issues, and not just a world cup which may cost South Africa more than it gives us.

In another note, when what Johannesburg Archdiocese' Archdiocesan News called about 3 000 Catholic protesters marched on Constitution Hill under Archbishop Buthi, who attacked parliamentarians basically as complicit in murder, the wonderful SACBC (Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference) did not find that racy reading to be good enough to send out to what they have claimed is something like 4 000 email addresses non I mean on their list.

Thank you for letting us know that a soccer stadium is "blessed" SACBC, I am sure the uber-rich will appreciate it, as with fans, before they leave the stadium drunk and die before reaching home. I am also sure the many who will be kidnapped and human trafficked during the event will appreciate that the stadium was "blessed". Glad our Bishops are focussing on important things.

in reference to:

"Bishop Giuseppe Sandri MCCJ, Bishop of Witbank"
- CHURCH ON THE BALL | Football World Cup South Africa 2010 (view on Google Sidewiki)

Minor anxieties over the Papal visit to Britain

Damien Thompson of the Telegraph writes how only 400 000 Catholics will be allowed tickets to see the pope in his visit to Great Britain. He believes it is out of fear that the pope won't be of interest to British Catholics, or out of a decision by the previous Labour government, or of the British Catholic Bishops, notorious for bad relations with the pope.

in reference to:

"Anxieties over the Papal visit to Britain"
- Anxieties over the Papal visit to Britain – Telegraph Blogs (view on Google Sidewiki)

Creative Minority Report, on Patrick's cute daughter's letter to the president

Does this count as an open letter from a disgruntled citizen? Patrick Archbold's daughter who we know as name omitted, from school omitted, has written a letter into a magazine asking kids to tell the president what they think, because Americans are losing their jobs, the girl tells the US president that America is becoming a first class mad house.

Why a first class and not second class is uncertain, I was not able to interview the young lady.

I still think it cute!

in reference to: Creative Minority Report: Madhouse (view on Google Sidewiki)

Why the new mass translation in English is so vital

Many have claimed that the reason the English speaking Catholic world has found such turmoil is that the mass translation was messed up when the vernacular was finally followed after the Second Vatican Council. The Church, under Pope Benedict XVI, has sought to remedy the poor English translation, and one point to be made is why we now (already in many South African parishes) say: and with Your Spirit, to the priest ministering communion at the mass. The phrase of course, refers to Jesus who works through the priest, says Msgr Charles Pope on the Archdiocese of Washington blog!

in reference to: “And With Your Spirit” – It’s Not What You Think | Archdiocese of Washington (view on Google Sidewiki)

Google- do no evil, just let others do evil

Google is one of the best search engines on the internet, producing not only search results, but a browser, soon an OS (Operating System), the Nexus One smart phone, a phone operating system, and so much more. Take especial note of its Custom Search Engine facilities, they are largely unique and useful.

Google's policy is don't be evil, but evil tends to differ per market they operate in, and certainly seems to be a Google judgement call, with many criticising it for both search suggestions, and for company involvement in politics.

Google tends to seem to believe that the web democracy should decide which results are on the top, although space can be bought with advertisements in the advertisements sections.

Google provides about 60% of online advertising, meaning that what they advertise affects the world. They have been severely criticized from all sides on the ads they allow and do not allow, some of them hateful and terrible in nature, some encouraging what many governments consider undesirable behaviour. Further, Google adverts often appear in some anti-virus programs, so as to make the entire page seem dangerous, as the ad page linked to has been accused of dangerous activity.

If one wants to find the views of extremists, search for them on Google. If one wants to find their opponents, Google is also available.

Google is a search engine, and unlike Yahoo, not a web directory program. It generally believes in non-interference with web results, much as some environmentalists will not interfere with the life-cycle of animals.

If I want information on a topic i often either use Google or a custom search engine using a Google engine.

I disagree with much of what Google does and says, but they do tend to stand up for what they believe in, and for their own bottom... line.

I especially disagree with their pro-abortion adverts etc, in search results and on web-pages, and with their links to seeming hate sites, in advertisements.

Google is controversial, but likely the most or one of the most effective ITC companies in the world. I extensively use and like many of their services!

in reference to: Google (view on Google Sidewiki)

SiteMeter - how many people click on your site

SiteMeter, is one of the best services for discovering who uses your website and what they read and for how long. What it shows can be of surprise, but make sure you note your privacy settings, and adjust them to make the results private. Also, do not fall into the trap of posting for views, rather: post what your own voice says, and create a quality long-term service, instead of going after short term viewership.

in reference to: Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker (view on Google Sidewiki)

YouTube, a voice for good and bad

YouTube, owned by Google, is likely the most popular video sharing site online. It shows many sorts of videos, though some users have complained of videos being taken down with Google alleging copyright infringement or other claims.

YouTube videos should only be trusted as accurate if from a source you trust. Video editing is a much cherished art, especially among many in the Internet Elite, and among the younger generation.

YouTube has been host to terribly violent and disgusting, and obscene videos in the past. People have also committed suicide over videos posted about them on YouTube.

What goes on YouTube is often downloaded and redistributed, so be careful what you post, and what you let others post on YouTube involving you, and remember, many governments and News agencies also use YouTube, be careful you don't break the law, or commit a personal delict against another person, and insure you use YouTube responsibly.

YouTube may deactivate your entire account over a copyright infringement claim, even if you are a fan of what you have put up.

Due to the explicit nature of a number of videos, and to the largely unmoderated/community moderated way YouTube operates, it is inadvisable for persons below a certain age to use it. It can also destract from study and from work.

Many people use Real Player to download YouTube clips, or a similar service.

YouTube also has customized per country sites, including one for South Africa. The Vatican also has its own account of use to its followers, on the video sharing site, as does the Queen of England (head of the Anglican church).

It is often best to find the YouTube of your favourite News station or celebrity, from their website, Facebook or other such page.

Not all YouTube videos are available in every country, and many countries have banned the service.

in reference to: YouTube - SACATHOLICNEWSSERVIC's YouTube (view on Google Sidewiki)


Facebook is an internationally used social networking site, used especially in South Africa. It allows different levels of privacy, although there are privacy concerns involving it.

One should be always careful about what they share online, as job recruiters and others view Facebook, and there are viruses, acquired via friends' use of applications and other means which can take your personal information from facebook. Also, what is in writing remains in writing. Facebook has played an active role in political campaigns, via use of groups and pages.

Many celebrities have fake clones of Facebook, and their identity is abused by these. Facebook has strict post policies, and relatively good abuse features responses. It is not for under 13s, and parents should be cautious on how their children use Facebook.

One should only invite, or accept people on Facebook who they know in real life. It is useful as a tool to get to know information on a person they would not otherwise show, but people can lie on Facebook, and may spend hours taking pictures to pretend they had a fun time.

Facebook is useful if used cautiously and responsibly. Never reveal where you are located, or any private information on it, and be cautious about any discussion forums on Facebook.

Never enter your Facebook password unless you are sure it is Facebook you are using.

And remember to check your friends are your actual friends and not fakes, and on peoples' ages.

What you put on the internet can haunt you forever, be careful. I say this with experience, having sometimes attracted unwanted attention online, and sometimes having made mistakes.

It is always good to have a long talk with an experienced Facebook user, before setting it up, and to get their help with privacy settings.

in reference to: Facebook (view on Google Sidewiki)

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