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Monday 24 October 2011

Finally Kindle on the Blackberry Tablet: the so-called Playbook (nothing dodgy meant by that)

Article note by Marc Aupiais

It may seem just a plaything, though some consider it their playmate, the Blackberry Playbook however came minus one functionality my every other device had: a proprietary Kindle Book reading application.

Cloud Reader, for Ipad just wouldn't display or open books. Today, when I tried for the umpteenth time, I changed the orientation and true to form, it seems that the system was tricked. It has even opened a novel, although perhaps the entire system was updated.

Kindle for Blackberry Playbook with a work around, at least cloud reader, which given I always have internet over tethering or wi-fi: is good enough for now.

Pictures: copyright Marc Aupiais!

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