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Saturday 1 February 2014

'Pro-Lifer' Steven Ertelt, an online spammer, unethical, and an internet troll!

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"Babies are dying and you're upset over a few tweets." - a more polite part from Steven Ertelt's wordy response to this article, our exclusive expose, which you can read below.

One account which continuously follows and unfollows my Twitter, and insistently tweets defamation about his competitors in 'pro-lifing' is Steven Ertelt.

Notice any commonalities (p.s. the tweet below to SACNS is quite upsetting and tweeted to many, the one later and above, shows he doesn't even know who he is haranguing when he does this)

His favourite enemy is reliable news service LifeSiteNews. Tweet an article from them, and he is sure to sweep upon you like a seagull upon the pope's peace doves.

His most recent trolling: the death of a pregnant woman:

After we made note of Steven trolling, he deleted the I don't know who you are Tweet to our editor.

To answer the question likely burning, yes, I know Steve considers his website to be just that, and not a blog: but trolling is quite a blogger behaviour, not something I expect from a news editor. After I noted who I am, he none the less chose not to continue his trolling this time, and decided not to dispute the nature of his activities or his website. Instead, he determined to troll someone else...

Despite us blocking his account, Steve replied when he saw our article:

To our knowledge we only wrote this article, I love his use of the word blog which we used above also, read on, to find out about 'blog posts', seemingly in plural, and more yet more, of Steve's response.

Steve then mentions a state employee taking a position on the nationally noted case, as his reason for tweeting many people about his objection to LifeSiteNews. The Attorney General, he argues is vindicated because a state employee made a stance, and thus so is his mass tweeting of anyone who tweets an article by his competitor LSN.

Definitely the case?:

Despite Steve quite a number of times now Tweeting me when I share their articles, and LifeSiteNews Canadian editor lamenting to me that Steve consistently did so:

This Article by Marc Aupiais for the SACNS News Service, originally appeared on 27 January 2013 on the SACNS, and is republished with permission.

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