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Tuesday 1 June 2010

No such thing as a necessary elective abortion- top canonicist

“Referendarius” (formal expert advisor) to the Apostolic Signatura, which Thomas Peters of American Papist calls the highest court in the catholic Church, Edward N. Peters JD JCD, states that the canonical plea of necessity, can only be mitigating at best when the oppressor has committed a delict which by its nature is intrinsically evil, such as the delict of abortion.

He thus agrees with Bishop Olmsted, that Sr. Margaret, who chose to cause an elective abortion of pregnancy at a Catholic hospital, is indeed excommunicated, whether latae sententiae (by the act of the abortion/automatically), or ferendae sententiae: by the declaration of the excommunication, by Bishop Olmsted.

in reference to: In the Light of the Law: "Necessity" does not canonically excuse intrinsically evils acts like abortion (view on Google Sidewiki)

Vatican expresses "sorrow and concern" over Israeli attack on aid ship

The ship was certainly intended for a political statement, from the start, though many expected a less active Israeli response, even if the current government is more polarized against the Palestinians than ever, and has lost the confidence of having a strong American ally, as Israel had in George Bush.

The Vatican, has condemned the attack, by expressing "sorrow and concern", says AFP.

Other Nations concerned by the Israeli response to the pro-Palestinian ship's attempt to reach Gaza, include: France, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and Spain.

Russia, Britain, Beligum, France, Portugal, and Greece have let Israel understand their disagreement with their methods against the ship.

Argentina, Brazil, and others in Latin America have asked for action, The OIC have also condemned the attack. The Arab League has convened a special meeting.

The AU (African Union), has asked for an investigation.

Pakistan, Algiers, Tunis, Rabat have strongly condemned the attack.

... Says Agence France-Presse, as translated by my internet browser.

in reference to: Dispatches: euronews: The world news in video (view on Google Sidewiki)

BA Osama Bin Laden first class ticket raises concerns?

In the LHR News BA staff in house magazine, the ticket appeared anyway. It was likely sabotage by disgruntled staff, due to the British Airways transport strike, either way, it has caused tensions.

in reference to: BA advert lists Osama Bin Laden as a frequent flyer as he boards flight with first class seat | Mail Online (view on Google Sidewiki)

Philippines to forcibly evacuate 40 000 from villages in Muslim South

Up to 40 000 (Forty Thousand) people are expected to be forcibly evacuated from villages in the largely Islamic Southern Philippines as ten villages in the Sultan Kudarat town, on Mindanao island were severely affected after a river overflowed, in rains which had stretched from Friday at least until Tuesday this week.

The Philippines, a mainly Catholic nation, is divided between the Catholic North and Muslim South, a possible reason for the use of the army to evacuate southern villagers, who do not want to leave, despite being "waist-deep" in water.

The Philippine government's present administration has lost favour in the eyes of the powerful Catholic church on a number of issues lately, and for years, has been facing Islamist Separatists in the South.

The country, which has seen many governments rise and fall, remains largely religiously divided as regards dwelling places.

The army has already sent trucks out to aid in the forced evacuation, according to the area's social welfare department head, Pombean Kadir, says SAPA.

in reference to: Philippine flood threatens 40 000: News24: World: News (view on Google Sidewiki)

Despite Privacy concerns, and an anti-Facebook campaign, Facebook membership continues to rise- Al Jazeera

Arabic channel, Al Jazeera (Channel 406 on Multichoice DSTV), reports on a campaign by 23 000 (Twenty Three Thousand) Facebook users, to quit over privacy concerns. It notes, that despite a Facebook move, membership at about +- 4 00 000 000 (Four Hundred Million) or so, continues to rise .

in reference to: YouTube - Users commit to Facebook exodus (view on Google Sidewiki)

More details on Vatican sex abuse inquiry into Ireland

Article by Reuters details that it will be in British Autumn, it is called an "apostolic visitation", and was announced in the former March letter to the Irish people, in which the Vatican slammed local bishops.

It will begin in Armagh (lead by Cardinal Murphy-O'Conner who the BBC says is retired), Dublin (Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley), Cashel-Emly (Archbishop Thomas Collins), and Tuam (Archbishop Thomas Prendergast), before moving to other Irish Dioceses.

The Vatican says the Irish church needs a spiritual and moral renewal, says Reuters. The Bishops are all of Irish Descent, but none are Irish Bishops, keeping with Natural Justice on that point, it would appear.

Reuters says the investigation is seen as important to the pope.

in reference to: News - Europe: Pope names inspectors for church abuse probe (view on Google Sidewiki)

Al-Qaeda leader Sheikh Sa'id al-Masri killed in US missile strike

So, the US says he's dead, and someone/people in a chat-room, I mean jihadist forums on May 31, say he is dead, along with wife, kids (three daughters), and other men, women and children. Did I forget to mention that they promised revenge (no, the words about infidels paying are not a standard greeting, despite some suggestions).

All this air-strike talk reminds one a lot of Gaza et al. So, the guy handled finances and operational planning, the Telegraph claims, apparently the Jihadists couldn't hire a chartered accountant. I hope their taxes are in order. They forget to mention that Al Qaeda has many independent Cells, and allies, of course, though they do have something to tell the press. I still don't see the Taliban or Somalis standing down.

Through this latest alleged hit, the USA is reportedly closer to winning their war on Al Qaeda. I just hope that none of Al Qaeda's allies, e.g. in Somalia, where I doubt the guy was in charge, decide to take revenge on the rest of us, e.g. South Africa 2010 Soccer/Football World Cup.

in reference to:

"Al-Qaeda leader Sheikh Sa'id al-Masri killed in US missile strike"
- Al-Qaeda leader Sheikh Sa'id al-Masri killed in US missile strike - Telegraph (view on Google Sidewiki)

So- I'm not watching Sex and the City 2

Article by Marc Aupiais

After all that humour, I cancelled.

Both my manliness and my conscience said no.

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Newborn gets a Catholic funeral

An abandoned Newborn baby, now decease, will get a Catholic Funeral at Shepparton's St Brendan's Catholic Church under Police Chaplain, Monsignor Peter Jeffery, after a fund was set up, to cover the funeral, says the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

in reference to: Abandoned baby finally gets funeral - ABC Central Victoria - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (view on Google Sidewiki)

Vatican's Irish sex abuse panel named- says BBC World News

Pope Benedict XVI has named some bishops who will investigate disobedience allegedly in Ireland, against the Vatican:

The Irish Abuse investigation team includes 5 prelates, known for combatting Paedophillia in their own jurisdictions, says the BBC, who notes their Irish descent:

England: Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, former Archbishop of Westminster,

America/USA: Cardinal O'Malley, of Boston, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, of New York,

Canada: Archbishop Thomas Collins, Toronto, and Archbishop Terence Prendergast a Jesuit, Ottawa,

No Irish Bishops have been named for the inquiry, seemingly keeping with Natural Justice concepts, such as independence of the judge.

in reference to: BBC News - Vatican names clerical abuse inquiry panel (view on Google Sidewiki)

We may not appreciate the Holy Trinity fully, but we must none the less try learn Him- Pope Benedict XVI

I always hate to hear a defeatist talk about and on the Trinity- the pope is not a defeatist!

in reference to: YouTube - Benedict XVI the Trinity encapsulates Revelation. (view on Google Sidewiki)

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