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Friday 14 February 2014

British/Canadian International incident: the complexities of the Canadian tranny PRISONER'S DILEMMA.


A British gentleman by the name of Mr Avery Edison, was caught entering Canada illegally at Pearson International Airport. He had had an expired student visa listing him as male, which had previously allowed him to be within Canadian borders. His girlfriend of two years, was awaiting his visit, according to the Toronto Star. Avery is set for deportation, and will not be allowed to see his girlfriend, according to authorities and his lawyer. LifeSiteNews, however has a very extensive rendering of the events up to this point.

Avery Edison tweeted his girlfriend and common law partner, Canadian, Miss Romy Sugden, however that there was some confusion about his gender. He had taken to wearing a dress since his last visit to Canada, and his British passport had been ammended to list him as female, although he still had male parts and a girlfriend. Maplehurst Correctional Complex, is where he was being sent, a men's correctional facility.

Avery Edison, was then to be examined by a nurse to determine his gender.

As Avery Edison still had a penis, they determined he was male, his girlfriend Romy Sugden stated to media. In accordance with Ontario law and the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy document, Avery Edison would be referred to as a male until such time as he has cosmetic surgery altering his private parts to a female appearance. The prison officials for some reason changed their path in this case, not going by birth gender as the policy is, but transferring Avery Edison to Vanier Centre for Women, while he was to await his immigration hearing. He was to be kept separate from the general prison population.

The transfer itself, from a male correctional facility, and the keeping of the prisoner separate both could be in the interests of preventing the public relations nightmare of Avery being harmed by other prisoners. Another aspect is that another man identifying as female, was placed in a women's correctional facility and in December was transferred after he engaged in sex with female prisoners, this other gender bar bending event occurring in Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Ontario's Human Rights Commission's chief official recently wrote to a local newspaper. The chief official was much aggrieved by a something a woman had written within the newspaper fold, in which the woman complained that a naked erect man was sexually harassing women in a woman's restroom at a public space, which restroom he remained in under the guise that he self identified as female. The human rights chief, was infuriated with the woman for objecting to the man's presence, and made known that the woman must be deeply prejudiced to write about the sexual harassment. The human rights chief took the side of the man in a hotly worded letter to the press. The woman who did not like being sexually harassed by a naked, erect man, was much maligned by the human rights chief, who gladly took the side of the man in the event.

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