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Tuesday 25 May 2010

South African Catholic "Accuracy without harm!" is the current gunship of the News division, placing important stories in context, and putting important information out to the public. The news, theological, and fact checking etc search engines are seen as vital to this service, which follows a more scholarly approach to news, often ensuring it uses multiple and diverse sources of information. South African Catholic Is edited by Marc Aupiais. it is read in the Vatican, United Nations, and in the United States of America House of Representatives. It is also read by major news services globally.

It prides itself on independence, from negative influences, and has in the past come into conflict with church officials, including at the Vatican, and the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, for publishing stories and accusations which it was asked to shelve.

It has been called paranoid, and an overly fluffy Valentines' Day teddy bear, by Gunther, the Editor of the Southern Cross, after it reported on the support the Southern Cross gave to legalized abortion and on what has been labelled an anti-magisterial bias held by the paper, sold in the parishes of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, although the references could also have been directed towards Catholic Culture, it was likely intended to refer to this site.

Fr Chris Townsend, Information Officer of the SACBC, in dismay, called South African Catholic "Sensationalist", after it broke a story about the Caritas Internationalis Secretary General, at the time, involving accusations she made about the media and the United Nations, involving Canadian organization Development and Peace, and abortion.

(All information placed here, is done with proof, one may note that I, editor of this site have placed negative reviews up, this is because I believe these reflect positively on our service, and it's importance to the world at large!)

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