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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sharks use light emitting organs to become invisible, and attract mates- expert at a Catholic University relays a study conducted

They may look like American Stealth fighters or bombers, and fly as fast through the water as one, but now researchers have discovered that sharks can do something that fireflies are known for, they can glow. The glow mimics the surrounding light from the surface, making the shark effectively invisible, and stealthily unseen by predator and prey alike.

The glow makes 10% of shark species which emit it: invisible at the depths at which they swim to animals below. Obviously, a shadow blocks the light from the surface, going down, so the sharks emit a glow from their underside. A specific species of shark tested: velvet belly lantern shark, adjusts the glow according to external light, a study has discovered, using sharks caught in Bergen Norway, says the Discovery news article hosted by MSNBC.

As the pelvic, holding the sexual organs of the sharks are especially illuminated, it is thought that the sharks could use illumination to attract a mate, in addition to being a hunting tool.

in reference to: Some sharks can become invisible, study says - Science- (view on Google Sidewiki)

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