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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Marianne Kalabakas: "I am a Nerd and so are you…well maybe, ask the person looking at you."

While there are some errors involving formatting and spelling, you'll have to forgive Mari, she's writing Exams. Marianne Kalabakas is studying law with me, we come from slightly different cultures, and religions, and have different political perspectives of the world, but we both often value the other's opinion. We both sit in the front of class with our Netbook, and dictaphone each in the ready, and we both enjoy intelligence from ourselves and others.

I certainly would consider it hell to be some of the people I dislike, for whatever reason, and it is more than with the question of what is nerdy.

A nerd is one of a thousand epithets used on suspecting and unsuspecting victims.

It is a power word used to take control away from another, although oddly, sometimes people use it to compliment another, or use the work geek instead. Both words disgust me, and I certainly would never associate with them.

The point Mari makes, and accidentally (due to formatting error) makes twice is this: one should be cautious at rash judgement. I agree to an extent, although I do believe there is a place for judgement, even rash judgement until we gain additional knowledge, but that we must act, knowing just how certain or uncertain we actually are of a situation, or any other thing!

While cringing at the very image of a nerd, I did find this a notable read. Just skim over the spelling errors, without spell check, while writing exams, sometimes spelling in an article is imperfect.

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"I am a Nerd and so are you…well maybe, ask the person looking at you."
- I am a Nerd and so are you…well maybe, ask the person looking at you. « Marianna Irene Kalabakas's Blog (view on Google Sidewiki)

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