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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Apple not for eve: Jobs, and Microsoft ban porn on phones

No porn applications or suggestive screen shots for the Ipad and Ipod applications marketplaces says Steve Jobs, of Apple- saying people who want that can buy Google's Android OS phones, and stating he wants a porn free world. Microsoft has joined arms with Apple here: no porn for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. That doesn't mean people can't send porn to each other- it does mean a giant leap for anti-porn kind. I applaud Apple and Microsoft. Google MR Google: what happened to don't be evil? Google of course is complaining over Australian plans for an effective porn filter because the web may be slightly slower, as with their profits if the Australians succeed, so their Android OS will likely be the porn phone for some time: after all: Google makes a lot of money off pornography searches. isn't pornography evil MR Google? MR Google?

in reference to: Following iPhone’s Example Windows Phone 7 to Ban Porn Apps (view on Google Sidewiki)

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