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Thursday 10 June 2010

Made for Children by Children- China's labour woes

I have often complained of the Chinese goods and how kids clothes are made by kids, and how Rural Chinese, like the blacks under Apartheid are forced into near slave labour. Well, the Rural Chinese are kicking ... dirt... at the unfair labour practices of China. Since Apple manufacturing Foxconn raised salaries due to a spate of suicides and the bad press, others, including those Plebeian under-classes who manufacture Honda in slave-like conditions: are striking, and it is striking at China's core.

After the South African Textile industry collapsed as the ANC slept in bed soundly with their Communist Party allies from Beijing, our textile and many other industries collapsed. Perhaps finally China will be forced to work fair. So, especially as it benefits South Africa. Viva la Chinese worker, strike them to their cores, those Red Communists! Viva, as this benefits the rest of us, much more than it does you. Of course it doesn't help the immoral companies which use Chinese labour and there are other countries where similar conditions prevail. None the less: this is good, and shines a light on the cheaters who use Chinese labour, and use the Chinese people to do so, in a way similar to good old Usury.

in reference to: China labor unrest spreads as workers seek more | Reuters (view on Google Sidewiki)

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