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Thursday 27 May 2010


Facebook is an internationally used social networking site, used especially in South Africa. It allows different levels of privacy, although there are privacy concerns involving it.

One should be always careful about what they share online, as job recruiters and others view Facebook, and there are viruses, acquired via friends' use of applications and other means which can take your personal information from facebook. Also, what is in writing remains in writing. Facebook has played an active role in political campaigns, via use of groups and pages.

Many celebrities have fake clones of Facebook, and their identity is abused by these. Facebook has strict post policies, and relatively good abuse features responses. It is not for under 13s, and parents should be cautious on how their children use Facebook.

One should only invite, or accept people on Facebook who they know in real life. It is useful as a tool to get to know information on a person they would not otherwise show, but people can lie on Facebook, and may spend hours taking pictures to pretend they had a fun time.

Facebook is useful if used cautiously and responsibly. Never reveal where you are located, or any private information on it, and be cautious about any discussion forums on Facebook.

Never enter your Facebook password unless you are sure it is Facebook you are using.

And remember to check your friends are your actual friends and not fakes, and on peoples' ages.

What you put on the internet can haunt you forever, be careful. I say this with experience, having sometimes attracted unwanted attention online, and sometimes having made mistakes.

It is always good to have a long talk with an experienced Facebook user, before setting it up, and to get their help with privacy settings.

in reference to: Facebook (view on Google Sidewiki)

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