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Thursday 27 May 2010

YouTube, a voice for good and bad

YouTube, owned by Google, is likely the most popular video sharing site online. It shows many sorts of videos, though some users have complained of videos being taken down with Google alleging copyright infringement or other claims.

YouTube videos should only be trusted as accurate if from a source you trust. Video editing is a much cherished art, especially among many in the Internet Elite, and among the younger generation.

YouTube has been host to terribly violent and disgusting, and obscene videos in the past. People have also committed suicide over videos posted about them on YouTube.

What goes on YouTube is often downloaded and redistributed, so be careful what you post, and what you let others post on YouTube involving you, and remember, many governments and News agencies also use YouTube, be careful you don't break the law, or commit a personal delict against another person, and insure you use YouTube responsibly.

YouTube may deactivate your entire account over a copyright infringement claim, even if you are a fan of what you have put up.

Due to the explicit nature of a number of videos, and to the largely unmoderated/community moderated way YouTube operates, it is inadvisable for persons below a certain age to use it. It can also destract from study and from work.

Many people use Real Player to download YouTube clips, or a similar service.

YouTube also has customized per country sites, including one for South Africa. The Vatican also has its own account of use to its followers, on the video sharing site, as does the Queen of England (head of the Anglican church).

It is often best to find the YouTube of your favourite News station or celebrity, from their website, Facebook or other such page.

Not all YouTube videos are available in every country, and many countries have banned the service.

in reference to: YouTube - SACATHOLICNEWSSERVIC's YouTube (view on Google Sidewiki)

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