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Sunday 30 May 2010

Obama's energy gamble pays off, but not for the White House, for the Republicans in the Houses of Parliament

Why not risk the environment while campaigning and while working: focus on controversial "Global Warmning"/"Climate Change" rather than protecting not controversial, but existing eco-systems, such was Obama's agenda in office, as legitimate conservation concerns were ignored, and as off-shore drilling has become the New Iraq.

British Petroleum (BP), or whatever they call themselves in the USA drilled oil at a level, where if safety measures failed, a disaster like this was assured. The oil rig exploded, resulting in loss of human life, and the safety measures for this failed, resulting in the loss of animal and plant life.

For the sake of a problem that may happen: man-made "greenhouse effect" climate change, Obama risked and ignored the environment we already had, after all, the Wall Street Journal notes that Obama was compromising on the safety of sea habitats, for the sake of carbon cuts, a complete irony.

Obama also has yet to end Climate Change, if it is man-made and not caused by another cause, which may well even then perhaps be preventable.

The USA, and China, both at Copenhagen: achieved an industrial coup. Their reductions, promised, according to EuroNews, were seemingly not based on 1990's levels, meaning that they certainly will not prevent the 2 degree rise that Global Warming faithful say would be irreversible.

in reference to: Leak Sets Ever Rising Political Stakes - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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