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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sea Shepherd, a militant organization

Their black ships remind one of the destructive alien space craft of many a science fiction film. Their name says a lot about this militant leftest green organization. Sea Shepherd, a vigil ante group: heroes in Australia which sees whaling as illegal, monstrous villains in Japan, where the other view prevails.

Those with good memories will remember the alleged sinking of one of these ships by a Japanese whaling boat, video seemed to show stink bombs being thrown at the Japanese and other acts constituting assault.

It was interesting to compare the BBC to Al Jazeera in covering this group, and interesting also how positively Animal Planet (Discovery Channel) portrays these law breaking extremists.

No one should doubt that Sea Shepherd are extremists, or that they plan to damage others' property. What is notable however is that unlike Al Qaeda or the Taliban, or even the rare pro-lifer who takes the law into their own hands (actually pro-abortionist groups and individuals attack pro-lifers and kill them more than the other way around), Sea Shepherd are portrayed as heroes, seeking the common good of the world.

It's all about ideology.

That isn't saying Sea Shepherd doesn't do good, that isn't saying the IRA didn't achieve good. It is simply saying that one media outlet's hero, is another's extremist. Aren't we all extreme about something? Which extreme is acceptable really depends on the speaker's goals.

in reference to: YouTube - Whale Wars: Why Paul Protects Whales (view on Google Sidewiki)

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