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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wikileaks kicked off Amazon, American companies warned not to host, French try block it- Reuters France24 - Cyber attacks force WikiLeaks to move web address

Note by Marc Aupiais

They said they chose to use Amazon to prove they were against free speech, and to use USA addresses and French addresses for the same reason. Wikileaks has lost their American address along with all (things) American. Though one dns group suggested it was due to constant web attacks (does that mean America employs an army of hackers as china allegedly does?).

The Pirate Party in Switzerland has given the group an address they are unlikely to lose given the power of the Pirate Party and the backlash for any who dare.

Their "web hotel" Swedish web servers are up and running and set to remain.

Recently Russia suggested that some elements of the control of the internet be shifted from America to the United Nations.

On the international censorship:

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