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Sunday, 5 December 2010

For the first time- US military banned from news sites reporting on Wikileaks says France24 - AFP- US army warns soldiers in Iraq against viewing WikiLeaks

Note by Marc Aupiais

I find it odd in the very least. Previous Wikileaks did not involve a warning of lawless behaviour and threats of prosecution for any US soldier reading news about Wikileaks. Yet these diplomatic Wikileaks being released- which has seen never before heard of aggression by the US government under Barack Obama against the whistle-blowers has prompted this?

Perhaps it is the way America humiliates her allies, or the fact many of her diplomats are spies and thus as credible as thief brigades.

Perhaps they fear morale. Or worse- terror attacks by their own troops once again. Even the Israeli army is allowed to be informed of what their government does. Yet, America somehow fears Wikileaks is Obama's Armageddon? Well they did invade babylon of old, in an illegal war.

That the person who allegedly leaked was openly serving illegally in the US army, contravening Don't Ask Don't Tell as an activist speaks volumes about Barack Obama.

Across the world, as with the fallout against America following 9/11- people will be turning against the nation once ironically called the Free World.

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