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Monday, 13 September 2010

US Flag burnt in London, as Muslims show how they feel about Qur'an burnings

Article by Marc Aupiais

[video may cause offence: "American US flag burned set on fire at US embassy in London 9/11/2010 by muslim radicals protesters": an American station shows footage by Iran's Press TV; HT to God Blessed Me With A Saint, for the link to this video!]

One of my acquaintances is Iranian, and independently I know of Press TV, this video is stolen from the state propaganda/television news station of Iran, which makes it interesting to me. It is certainly the sort of video which spurs up both sides. Iranians for instance, will see the western response to burning the American flag, and the obscenities and will say: yes, but they can burn our Qur'an?

Individual low key low scale American "Koran" burnings did take place according to Russia Today, including one burning on the site of Ground Zero, as I reported yesterday.

Flag burning is quite common in the Muslim world. In South Africa we often have interesting protests between the Muslims and Zionist Jews. Muslims, even dress up for it, and they dislike one another. The burning of the American flag, represents the burning of America, at least to those shouting that America must burn. It also represents a rejection of America.

The protesters rightly point out, that many more civilians, and innocents etc have died from American aggression, and American strategy since 11/09/2001 or as the Americans render it 9/11.

The British Bobbies on the Beat (policemen), are of course protecting the protesters' rights to protest.

I personally find Lady Gagga's new music video more insulting than a bunch of angry men airing their disapproval of Qur'an burnings in a civil and more than proportional manner.

A North American Correspondent of Scripturelink, My favourite read on the blogosphere: writes of this, while linking to it:

"Potentially offensive ...

What is wrong with these people to burn the American flag? "
God Blessed Me With A saint (Catholic pure and simple; Independent of the State; Canadian; My favourite read on the blogosphere)
12 / 09 | September / 2010: "London, England ... Muslims burn American Flag"

That is exactly the response they wanted. They were doing it to make a statement about their own religious texts. Sad, inappropriate, but effective!

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