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Monday, 13 September 2010

Another favourite from a Scripturelink Correspondent: 9/11 through Canadian Eyes

Article by Marc Aupiais

My response was similar, New York seemed closer than Cape Town, Bloemfontein or Pretoria, or Johannesburg for that matter (given that I used to live in Randburg).

From showing her intimacy with her children in the beginning: their crawling into her bed for hugs and protection in the mornings, to her need to protect her children from the horrific news, God Blessed Me With a Saint, our Canadian Correspondent shows her horror over 11/09/2001: 9/11 as the Americans and Canadians call the day:

"Each child at that time would wake up and come down the hall and crawl into my bed. Or sometimes stand on my side of the bed and stare at me till I opened my eyes and seen a child looking at me, I would sense this and just smile scooping them into my arms.

I had taken both boys to school that morning. Both children attended the morning classes at their school, one would have been in Junior Kindergarten and the other Senior Kindergarten, both grades were only half days. They were 4 and 5, I was still in my Thirties :)

I had just come back home from dropping them off at school and started to make a cup of tea, unload my dishwasher when I went to turn off the tv from earlier, yes we left it on while hurrying out the door.

That's when I seen newsflashes all over the tv, it was mind boggling what I was witnessing. At first I thought it might be a commercial for a new movie out. It wasn't and I sat starring at the tv screen.

I was stunned and shocked. I was also very scared. I had never seen such horror or terrorized victims in my life. This was the States, New York City, that's not far from home. A busy financial district that many people I knew attended conferences etc., in those twin towers on a regular basis.

As I watched I just felt sick inside, frightened. I immediately just wanted my kids home with me, I didn't know what was happening in the world and I needed them to be near. I continued to watch for a bit and then decided enough, I needed to go and get them from school and bring them home. I didn't care if I was over-reacting, the strongest emotion inside me was for my boys to be with me at that time. I needed to hold my family close.

The rest of the day was just normal for my children who I shielded and were unfazed by this terrorized monster who had shook the world. They played while I tried to listen to newscasts etc., and understand what was truly happening.

I watched newscast after newscast of the terror of that day and how that vile man and his army scared the hell out of my world. Remember we who live in bubbles always thinking it can't happen in our world. It did and nobody will ever forget it.

God bless those who died that day and God bless their families who survived. Thank you God for always protecting me and mine."
God Blessed Me With A Saint (My favourite Catholic read; Independent of the Canadian State; Canadian; Affiliated with our Scripturelink Service)
12 / 09 | September / 2010: "Where was I on 9/11"

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