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Monday 7 June 2010

Satirical humour, or anti-Islamic: Israel's "We Con The World"

Satirical of media coverage of a convoy of about five humanitarian aid ships which were sent to break the Israeli Gaza blockade by Free Gaza, a YouTube Video which had the aid of the conservative Jerusalem Post, accuses Free Gaza of conning the world. Either way, it has received over 1 000 000 (One Million) hits on YouTube.

It is thought to reflect Israeli sentiment strongly, and I personally think it interesting. After all, that there was only fighting on one of the ships, killing 9 activists, and then there is that relatives had talked of plans of activist martyrdom to the papers in Turkey. The Israeli video of events also showed activists fighting back violently.

Some time before the most recent ship was blocked, ABC Australia was told that previous Free Gaza ships have gotten through to Gaza, by an activist. The ships were carrying illegal aid: Concrete and Paper, as well as other materials, Australian Broadcasting Corporation was then told.

While I think the video, and the Jerusalem Post, itself, are very useful in understanding Israeli sentiment- something which will need to change if Gaza is ever to be "freed", I do think it likely is offensive, that said, offensive speech and humour is better than rocket attacks, I think it healthy for the world to understand how Israel feels.

Ultimately, dialogue, even offensive dialogue, should be allowed. I truly believe that when the international community starts to focus on the plight of both sides more fully, including the plight of minorities, that that is when peace may come.

To put my point, that this is an Israeli viewpoint out stronger, Israel's press office released it to foreign journalists, by accident they say.

As I am not certain how I view the video, and refuse to add to the hits, instead, I have linked to ABC Australia on the issue. I support neither side in the middle east.

in reference to: The World Today - Satirical Israeli music clip dubbed offensive 07/06/2010 (view on Google Sidewiki)

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