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Monday, 7 June 2010

Outback Children in Australia may lose another year

"The Queensland Government is considered is moving Year 7 students from primary to secondary schools, as part of a review of its education system. The idea's being opposed by many families in regional towns who say they can't afford an additional year of boarding school in bigger cities, and fear the drop in student numbers will see resources cut to country primary schools." says ABC Australia via The World Today.

Outback children can do much of their learning via correspondence during junior school, however, for highschool, the government has them sent to boarding schools. Many in Queensland don't understand why their children can't do highschool via video conferencing. I think that the more time spent with family, and the less at boarding school the better, I hope the detractors win this one out and the children aren't sent away a year earlier, especially given the cost to rural families!

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