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Sunday 27 June 2010

David Henrie also Catholic?

Ok, well it looks like Madam Disney Selena Gomez is not the only member of Wizards of Waverly Place that is Catholic, so is the guy who plays some other minor character: Justin: the main character Alex's brother or something: really: I mostly focus on her;)!~ Joke:

anyway: JJJ says: of that minor character some say is a co-star:

"JJJ: Do you consider yourself religious? You come from a big Italian family and you have scripture on your body…

DH: I went to Catholic school growing up. You can also look at the religious implications of [the verses], or you could just take the meanings of them, which are to live a positive and healthy life. There are certain standards by which you should live with and you should obey - I look at both meanings. Let’s say I wake up tomorrow and all of a sudden my faith is totally shaken and I forget everything I’ve learned, I would still want to live my life by the meanings of the scripture. I still try to go to church, but it’s more personal to me now. I say my prayers before I go to bed, I ask for my desires, I ask for forgiveness for certain things. So, I’m still definitely religious.

Read more:

Of course the dude blasphemes in his twitter bio:

"Bio About myself in under 160 characters... well... god there is so much to say about my illustrious career, I dont even know where to begin... Here it goes.....I"

Real mature dude!

To be honest, I love Wizards of Waverly Place, and am glad of this news, of course many actors, actresses and singers are Catholic, and he doesn't seem confessing type; that said, I do enjoy watching the shows he is in, Good on you Dude: now change da twitter before I don't threaten you with nothing!

And stop appearing in my watching Selena time: sometimes my view of her is blocked;)!~

in reference to: David Henrie Interview — JJJ Exclusive! | David Henrie | Just Jared Jr. - JJJ (view on Google Sidewiki)

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