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Saturday 8 February 2014

Western Journalist writes appreciation for 'wonderful', 'marvellous' 'SOTH African' alcohol advert...

ABOVE: a retro Bells Advert: not the one being raved about by the American journalist, which is included as a video below the story and screenshot.

Patrick Archbold is an established blogger and a journalist for the National Catholic Register, an American publication. His blog Creative Minority Report for years defined the word 'pithy' for readers... in case he thought to use it. He is known for his moral arguments, his political beliefs and his humour. Unfortunately... Yesterday some of his humour was a tad accidental, as he misspelt 'South Africa' in showing appreciation for an advertisement for Bells Scottish Whisky. The blog he got to know of the advertisement from noted it created meaning in a manner 'respecting' the soon to be alcoholic audience... unlike American Superbowl commercial advertisements...

One assumes this bids well for South African advertising agents... none the less, our country still seems a tad hard to spell after watching such an advert.

Notice the blog title like that on Twitter... spells the Republic of South Africa as 'Soth Africa'.

True to form and established humour, Patrick took our criticism with a shot of good humour, and informed us the article had been corrected. Fortunately, he only jokingly 'condemned' us to 'purgatory' for pointing out he misspelt the name of our beloved country after his appreciating an advert for Bells Scottish Whiskey.

Someone should give the man a bells;)!~ I assume that sentence makes all the difference... to the good advert starved American football audience.

To See the now corrected post by good humoured Mr Patrick Archbold (who really is quite a fun lad to read)...

P.s. The South African government is looking to ban advertisements such as the ones shown above, they believe such portrayals of alcohol promote alcoholism and must, like the now banned cigarette advertisements: disappear like the memories of a life drinking whiskey.

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