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Friday 25 November 2011

Conservative Conservation

Article view by Marc Aupiais

In the wild, how one would survive best: is to use what one needs to use only when it is necessary.

To destroy something you need for something other perhaps in the future: should only be done if it is the only way to achieve a needed end. To take the energy to carry an important thing is necessary, but sometimes it is needed to travel as light as possible, if the testimony of the Bushmen is a true one.

In the environment, we need to move away from activist language and into reality. The fact that almost everything the Green movement has claimed is a lie: from an ice age in Europe, to the end of the Himalayas Ice: makes their claims that science is to be a basis ridiculous. Their 'science' is nothing but lies.

That said, true science and wise use of resources: choosing simpler ways to do things etc could save us all.

Most of saving the environment without costing lives and economies is by simple solutions. Often lost.

Insulation, green roof-tops, roof and house paint, solar powered water, heat pumps, not so full kettles, etc.

A jersey or jacket instead of air-conditioning. A blanket over the window instead of both.

Sound advice: the gospel of using natural solutions: this is how we can save our planet. Efficiency! Professionalism, curatorship of our lives.

The use of a motor-vehicle powerful enough for our needs. Our everyday needs.

The world was not always reliant on much coal, oil, and electricity. Simpler, older solutions can be the answer.

A global effort at combating climate changes, can only happen on the basis of truth. I truly pray with all my heart that proven frauds such as the UN panel on climate change and Al Gore, are openly known for their lies. That those who hijacked environmentalism for their own selfish agendas are stopped.

But I do more than that: I tell the truth about the environment, because that is the only way to combat climate changes: sound solutions to Eco-problems: in a way sustainable in a real world economy.

Myths, and all out lies have no strength! But truth and openness to lower and simpler solutions acceptable to the existing marketplace will save us from any partly possible climate changes being an issue!

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