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Thursday 16 June 2011

The evil youth

Note by M E Aupiais

Its assumed often that youth are depraved! That teenagers etc naturally are!

This wasn't always the case and in many societies isn't!

Teenagers may be depraved if their parents let their desires, every want, or tv or the shocking "teen" books out these days guide them.

But a fruit is of the tree!

A parent who raises an individual gets one. A parent who teaches things, money isn't everything but has importance next to other true gifts, which matter more: friendship, honesty, integrity, conscience, religion, virtues; godliness, God- gets such a child!

A parent who raises a thinking discerning child gains a thinking discerning child.

I am 20 turning 21! I still won't watch 18 movies or 16 for sex!

I also don't drink or smoke!

I credit much of this to my upbringing!

Born and bred!

I was taught to think! Before any other lesson was learnt!

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