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Thursday 19 May 2011

DA doing better

Analysis by Marc Aupiais

I obviously voted DA. No question. Most white South Africans did. Most educated South Africans did. The better service and lack of nepotism is enough to attract voting.

Mother got us all to wake early and vote. I'd been planning a day off... But she insisted, so us four went off to vote.

I'm glad I did.

24 % is good. After Us is IFP with like 2 percent, then COPE, and the IFP offshoot.

24 percent, when whites are a minority. That means black votes. That means a lot of black votes.

I joked I wanted to play a Selena Gomez cd to block out the megaphone shouting ANC lies at campus on Monday already. Sadly many South Africans consider voting a duty not a right. That is to say if they register they feel they have no choice who to elect.

Fear and hatred of whites oft still dominates. We the slain beast. Just as Americans rejoice at the slaying of a certain senile arab.

Fear disrupts democratic truths. We are stopped electing who we want and instead vote against who we despise.

So, I voted DA... Because I'm sick... Tired... Of being ripped off for Electricity, unsafe roads, internet, telephone, cellular phone, tv. I'm sick also of a government which canvasses votes on hatred of my tribe- the white tribe- the "Europeans" who our basically illiterate president says are not consistent with a "true South African".

Speaking of which, #1984 who's next on America's hit list. Yemen?

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