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Sunday 6 June 2010

Pope slams all military solutions to Mid-east conflicts

The church has always had a view, closer to the Islamic world, than to the Israeli view, on the Gaza situation, believing that Israel should not occupy Gaza and the West Bank, and that it should give these more freedom: possibly due to the Christian population there. Once again, the Pope has called for a peaceful and only peaceful solution to the Middle East conflicts.

When Israel recently raided a flotilla of Free Gaza ships carrying humanitarian aid, as well as what an official for the group told Australian Broadcasting Corporation was banned aid: such as paper and concrete, it caused international condemnation of the violence. A ship sent after the raid, also planned to ignore Israeli warnings of a blockade, planning to enter Gaza in daylight.

Israeli video showed soldiers being beaten by activists, who they claimed carried weapons on one ship, some relatives told Turkish media, that certain passengers had wanted to be martyred. Only one of the ships resisted the Israeli siege violently, and all 9 casualties were on this ship.

Israel justifies its occupation of Gaza, seized during the Six Day War, by rocket attacks fired into it by Hamas. Moves such as a National Jewish heritage Day, in which Barack Obvama celebrated campaign financiers, and Jews without a link to Israel, as well as other moves by the Obama administration (according to the Jerusalem Post), have caused the Israeli people to increasingly feel that they are alone in the world, as Palestinians have the backing of Russia and China, and others. This, along with increasingly anti-Palestinian sentiment in Israel, may be partially the cause of their increasingly more violent responses to what they see as enemies of their state.

in reference to: AFP: Pope urges end to bloodshed in Mideast (view on Google Sidewiki)

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