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Monday 27 December 2010

APPLE (Ipod, Itunes, Ipad, Mac) considers Mainstream and Catholic Christianity "objectionable" "potentially harmful"

Article by Marc Aupiais

Christianity is "potentially harmful"
 to others, "objectionable"
- Apple
Apple has clearly drawn the battle lines against Christianity and the majority of the people in the world. Originally removing a statement of accepted Christian faith from their Istore, because it stated carefully and inoffensively that marriage is between a man and a woman, apple continues to stand by its decision to prevent this app from being on their store. The move clearly shows how apple views Christians.

In response I have personally deleted ITunes, and there are other providers of all content apple gives. E.g. your blackberry can be used like an IPod, and Blackberry is soon releasing the Blackberry Playbook.

Amazon sells music and videos etc.

Apple considers biblical Christian faith to be "potentially harmful" and "objectionable", so let them know how you feel and be sure to get your friends also to not help a platform for hate speech against Christians.

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