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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What a clown... I mean acrobat- an odd way to propose marriage!

It has been said he'll be divorced by next year, and his sexuality has been questioned, and there may be a facebook campaign against such proposals. The real problem is with whoever took this video, they forgot to put stabilizer on, and can't use a camera.

Hilarious, if you don't collapse from being dizzy. Poor sap, reminds me of a scene from something like Chuck, or a Google promotional advert, just without stabilizer on or camera skills, by the photographer in Madison Square Garden I think!

Apparently he went to some acrobatic educational institution with his friends. Why must he embarrass the poor lady to say less, I mean yes... none the less, Fridays at the Proposals' house will never be the same, does she know that she's getting into a circus?

in reference to: Proposal Video.m4v - Celebrity Gossip (view on Google Sidewiki)

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