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Friday 18 June 2010

wanna watch the odyssey, I mean Narnia

I often find I like Thomas Peters, he has impressed me again, what hasn't is a fastly I mean vastly distorted, version of classic: The Dawn Treader, by what used to be an Anglican, C.S. Lewis, although his form of Anglicanism is long gone. What is also long gone is his touch on the book: why is the white which constantly resurrected, doesn't seem like such a powerful Lion, that he could not kill the Queen of a world, which was destroyed by the word of her mouth? I agree, unless with a friend, I don't think I want to watch this cheap gimmic of a movie, which has committed sacrilege on classic literature!

in reference to: Video: Voyage of the Dawn Treader Trailer « (view on Google Sidewiki)

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